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DIY Leather Keychain with Cricut!

 Well, it's officially time for another installment of the "Create with Cricut Challenge". If you didn't get a chance to see my previous projects for the challenge you can find my felt project here, my cereal box project here, my burlap project here,  my tissue paper project here, and my paint chip project here!

If you're new around here and unfamiliar with the challenge, each month there is a new mystery material and using my Cricut, I make something using it! Isn't that fun?? This month, the material is leather! I'll be honest, I had never actually worked with leather before, so I was pretty excited. 
Create your own custom DIY Leather Keychains with Cricut!
I had heard that the Cricut machines could cut leather but I was still a little skeptical, so I was eager to try it myself. 
I immediately thought to try a custom keychain because I'm always losing my keys at the bottom of my purse, hence why I made this keychain. To my surprise, it totally worked and I love the way they turned out! 


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Which means, if you buy any of the cool stuff I recommend, you still pay the same price, but I get a small commission. Everybody wins! 
Cricut Leather ( I used the metallic gold)
Iron On Vinyl (I used white)
E6000 glue (this stuff is seriously the best)
Keychain Ring (Not pictured)
Cricut Deep Point Blade (this is a must, for either machine)
Keychain Ring (I'll be honest, I just took apart an old keychain I had from a San Francisco trip I took years ago, but you can find them at any craft store or on Amazon)
Pliers (These are my fav, so cute right!?)
Cricut EasyPress (Or your iron)
Create your own custom DIY Leather Keychains with Cricut!
I designed the file for you so all you have to do is go into my project in Cricut Design Space and click "Make It"!
Create your own custom DIY Leather Keychains with Cricut!
A few tips for working with leather: Be sure to put the leather with the pretty side down. This prevents it from covering your mat with all that debris from the backside. Also, you're going to want to trim it down to about 11 inches wide and move all of your star wheels (the white ones) to the right side of the machine so that they don't indent your material. And lastly, don't forget that deep point blade! It's black so its easy to spot, you'll need this to cut your leather. And that's it! Let the machine do the hard part for you!
Create your own custom DIY Leather Keychains with Cricut!
 Voila! It cuts beautifully!
Create your own custom DIY Leather Keychains with Cricut!
From there just add a thin layer of the E6000 glue to the entire hexagon shape, be sure to leave the loop part free of glue, because this will be where you add your key ring. Place the leather under something heavy, like a book or in my case, a giant stack of cardstock haha to let it dry. To let it cure properly, I let mine sit for about a day. 
Then, the fun part, the customization! With Cricut you can really customize anything! To be honest, I'm not sure that ironing on leather is really encouraged but I went for it anyway, I just was very cautious about it, so use your own discretion, being careful not to burn the leather. I decided to simply add my name (in my new favorite font of course). 
Once you're done adding your iron on vinyl, time to add your key ring and you're good to go!
Create your own custom DIY Leather Keychains with Cricut!
This project is a super quick and easy way to make something totally custom to jazz up your keys! You can choose any colors leather that you want and add your favorite vinyl (I've currently been crushing on Raspberry)! Don't forget to share if you create this project yourself!

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