Wednesday, May 16, 2018

DIY Paint Chip Card with Cricut!

 It's that time... time for another installment of the "Create with Cricut Challenge" put on by Amber Simmons and Katie of Clarks Condensed. If you didn't get a chance to see my previous projects for the challenge you can find my felt project here, my cereal box project here, my burlap project here, and my tissue paper project here!

If you're new around here and unfamiliar with the challenge, each month they choose a mystery material for us to create with using our Cricut. Isn't that fun?? This month, the material is paint chips! Paint chips come in so many awesome colors, the one drawback is that you are kind of limited by their size. 
Create this adorable DIY Paint Chip Card with Cricut!
One thing that I learned was that even though "paint chips" was listed as one of the materials from the massive list of materials, I had better luck cutting it on the "glitter cardstock" setting. So always be sure to do a test cut so that you don't waste your materials.


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Which means, if you buy any of the cool stuff I recommend, you still pay the same price, but I get a small commission. Everybody wins! 
Paint Chips (FREE at your local hardware store!)
White Cardstock (I honestly just used a scrap piece)
Blank A2 card (or, another piece of cardstock to make your own!)

 I designed the file for you so all you have to do is go into my project in Cricut Design Space and click "Make It"! As I mentioned, I had more success choosing "glitter cardstock" vs. "paint chips" so always remember to do a test cut.
Create this adorable DIY Paint Chip Card with Cricut!
Once your cardstock and all of your paint chips are cut, its time to glue them all together! Using a glue pen makes this so much easier and more precise. 
Create this adorable DIY Paint Chip Card with Cricut!
This project is a super quick and easy way to make something totally custom. You can choose any colors you want and you can even frame it as artwork! Don't forget to share if you create this project yourself!

To make this project yourself click HERE

Also, be sure to check out all the other fun projects made in the Create with Cricut Challenge!

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