Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Birchbox!

So my December Birchbox came on Saturday (which I feel like was later than usual) and it ended up being perfect timing!

Danica, Stefana and I decided to do our friends gift exchange on Saturday. As part of each of their Christmas gifts I got them both a three month Birchbox subscription. Theirs both came really early (earlier than mine) and I was hoping that we could all open them together. So, when mine arrived Saturday just, before the exchange, I was excited! We all opened our together. Their boxes varied from mine slightly, as I mention in the video.

So here is my December video (please excuse my disheveled appearance and my horribly manicured nails, it's Christmastime! I think we're all a little busy. Haha)

Also, I don't know why there is that odd fuzzy sound in the video and please ignore any other background sounds. You can hear my dogs collars jingling a little and you can hear the neighbors ANNOYING dogs that bark LITERALLY INCESSANTLY. It takes everything in me not to go over there but it's the neighbor on the other side of the block so its too much work. Haha.
(for information of products in the box, check out the details on my youtube page)
 *Side Note: immediately after filming I painted my nails, just so you all know. Haha.*

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Chic Runner said...

I LOVE My 3 month subscription!!! I can't wait to get my first one and I have a feeling I will cave and get a full year after the first one :) Another great video per usual, love seeing all the different samples.

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