Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ho ho holy-time-crunch!

Somewhere between carving pumpkins and eating Thanksgiving turkey, it happens.
Houses begin to twinkle at night and car roofs become adorned with trees on their way to their new home. While, it is the most exciting time of the year that still brings out that kid in all of us, it's also the busiest. Trying to get all the gifts you need with the money that most of the time you don't have. The time flys by faster than any other time of year and why wouldn't it? The days are literally shorter! My little blog has gotten neglected as it's usually the first thing to get pushed aside when I'm at my busiest. But I assure you I'm still alive and well! I've decided to just share a handful of photos to show, rather than say what I've been up to.
(if you follow me on my Instagram I apologize... you've seen these all already) 
The bf and I renewed our Disneyland passes :)
Christmas is a wonderful time at Disneyland.
I made my first etsy sale!
Helped decorate the tree at my parents new beach house.
Helped throw the company Christmas party for the Boat Parade at my parents house.
My bff Danica joined in the festivities.
I have been spending most all of my free time sitting in front of my sewing machine cranking out stockings like a mad woman, but just last night I turned my productivity towards my favorite holiday treat, my Christmastime toffee! I have been making it for the last several years now and people have grown to anticipate it! It's something I love doing (and eating!) and can't wait to make some more!
Well... there's a little update on my busy life. I'm hoping to record my latest Birchbox review in the next couple days because I got it on Saturday so check back if you want to see it :)

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