Monday, March 19, 2018

Self Care with Cricut // DIY Robe & Slipper Set

I was recently asked by Jessica from the DIBY Club if I'd be interested in doing a "Self Care with Cricut" blog tour. I of course jumped at the chance! I'm all about self care and as we all know... I'm ALL ABOUT my Cricut. The DIBY Club released this adorable women's pajama suit pattern and the whole theme of the release is getting more women to take time for self care! And the best news? One lucky reader will win a copy of the pattern!

I decided for my project I wanted to do a matching robe and slipper set. One of my favorite ways to take care of myself is to just. do. NOTHING. I'm currently working too many jobs to count and even though sometimes it takes some coaxing (usually by my husband), I love to throw a robe on (I have a newfound love for robes), some slippers and just veg out, which usually consists of, watching a little Netflix (read: an entire season of a show), munching on a salty snack and just doing nothing. 
Create this adorable Robe & Slipper Set with your Cricut!


Robe (similar
Cricut BrightPad (optional)
Cricut EasyPress (or a standard iron)

Start by designing your file in Cricut Design Space. I decided to go with "Do Not Disturb" for my robe and "Off Duty" for my slippers. Once I was happy with my file, I cut it with my Maker. (Remember: with iron on vinyl, it always goes shiny side down, and don't forget to mirror!)
Create an adorable Robe & Slipper Set with your Cricut!
Once my file was cut, I used my BrightPad to help with weeding. It can be really difficult to see your cut lines so the BrightPad cuts your weeding time way down. 
Create this adorable Robe & Slipper Set with your Cricut!
Once everything was weeded, it was time to take it over to the EasyPress. The EasyPress is seriously life changing. If you are a big iron-on user, it is a must-have tool. It takes the guess work out of iron on vinyl! They even have this handy settings chart that they are continually updating! 
Create this adorable Robe & Slipper Set with your Cricut!
For the slippers I wasn't really sure what EasyPress setting to use so I just sort of made up my own. I did 320 degrees for 20 seconds and it worked great! *TIP*: Be careful when ironing or using the EasyPress on the slippers because the soles will melt, so try to keep your heat source away from them. 

And that's all there is to it! All that's left to do is kick your feet up and relax!
Create this adorable Robe & Slipper Set with your Cricut!

Create this adorable Robe & Slipper Set with your Cricut!

Create this adorable Robe & Slipper Set with your Cricut!

To create this project yourself click HERE

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