Friday, March 16, 2018

DIY "Irish You Were Beer" Can Cooler

As an Irish girl with a shamrock tattoo I couldn't not do a St. Patrick's Day project! But I'm not a t-shirt-with-a-saying kind of girl... I'm a craft beer drinking girl, and as such, my DIY is, of course a can cooler. 
Create your own "Irish You Were Beer" Can Cooler!
It's a super simple way to show your Irish pride or, if you're not Irish, your love of beer!


Can Cooler (I buy them in bulk to have on hand whenever I need them)
Cricut BrightPad (optional)
Cricut EasyPress (or your iron)
 I created several designs to choose from (find the link at the bottom of the post) but this one is my favorite. And I love how, using the slice tool, I was able to overlap the gold of the design. 

Start by opening my predesigned file and choose which design you'd like to use and cut it out. Once it's cut, simply weed the design and iron it on to whatever you'd like to add it to! That's the great thing about this file is that you can put it on anything, not just a can cooler!
Create your own "Irish You Were Beer" Can Cooler!

Create your own by clicking HERE.

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