Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School Must Haves

Lana Del Rey sums it up best... 

"Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness. 
I just wanted you to know
That, baby, you're the best"

Like a ninja, summer snuck up on us and as quickly as it snuck up on us, it was gone. Here in sunny California it feels more like summer than ever before with temperatures reaching almost 100 degrees and yet kids are zipping their backpacks, grabbing their lunch-pails and filing back into their classrooms

I'm sure I'm not alone in missing that back to school excitement. A closet full of new clothes, a shiny new pair of shoes and a perfectly sharpened box of Crayolas, it was hard not to feel invincible. But just because we're grown ups doesn't mean we cant have some back to school goodies of our own! Here are just a few of my favorite adult "back to school" items this year. 
1. These awesome Hello Kitty scissors. I'm not sure they're a great fit for adult hands but they'd be cute even just to have on your desk. // 2. Gold polka dot binders. It's no secret. I love gold and I love polka dots and who could say no to these fun colors? // 3. Hedgehog erasers. Don't ask me why but I have a newly acquired obsession for hedgehogs. Even though I rarely even write using pencil, these little guys are a fun desk accessory.  // 4. WTF stamp because, why not? // 5. Gold leopard ipad case. Again, you can't go wrong with a touch of gold.  // 6. Kate Spade 17 month planner (its 2014 but it'll be here before you know it) And yes, even more gold polka dots. // 7. Kate Spade notes to self iphone case. Ever since I was little I loved composition books. It's probably because of my affinity for Harriet the Spy and her spy notebook. // 8. Some fun washi tape, you really can never have enough. How cute is the cursive handwriting? // 9. And lastly, this awesome washi tape dispenser to store all your fun new washi tape!  

Nothing will ever beat the days of freshly sharpened pencils, brand new erasers, opening a glue stick for the first time or the smell of a Mr. Sketch scented marker but as grown ups we deserve a little back to school fun of our own. So get out there! Buy yourself some back to school goodies, even if you aren't actually going back to school. 


Stefana said...

I miss back to school shopping!! Loving how much you're blogging now. ;)

davidsmith said...

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