Friday, September 6, 2013

50 Facts About Me

I've had this blog, as I mentioned the other day, over four years now. I've been more active in the last couple weeks than I have been probably any other time in the life of the blog. I've often thought about doing a 50 facts about me post but, honestly, it seemed kind of like a lot of work and I didn't know if I could come up with 50 interesting things. I already have a list of "facts about me" on my about me page. But, the other night I had my laptop on my lap, a glass of wine in my hand and a full DVR and I managed to get one done! Hopefully, no matter how well you know me, you'll be able to learn something new.

1. I'm adopted.
2. I have one younger brother.
3. I tend to be sentimental, to a fault. I've often said, I feel like I'm one tragic event away from becoming a hoarder (please don't judge me. haha)
4. I often sing-talk. I basically turn my words into a song without even realizing it most of the time.
5. Crafting is my happy place.
6. I have a somewhat irrational fear of spiders.
7. When I was little, I was in a carpet commercial on cable.
8. I hate odd numbers. So much so that the volume is always on an even number and when I pump gas both the gallons and the dollar amount have to end in an even number.
9. Despite my hatred for for odd numbers, 9 is my favorite number. I know, I'm a conundrum.
10. Before getting LASIK, I couldn't even see my alarm clock without my glasses or contacts in.
11. I LOVE sleeping in.
12. I've never broken any bones.
13. My birthday is January 13th.
14. I love pickles, but only spears and whole pickles, not the little slices.
15. I've had fifteen teeth pulled. (4 when I was six, 7 when i was eleven (including some adult teeth) and lastly, my four wisdom teeth several years ago.
16. Growing up, I had a Rottweiler named Sasha. I loved her so much and when she went to doggy heaven I cried myself to sleep for two weeks.
17. My first job was hosting at Red Robin.
18. I am insanely observant.
19. I hate doing laundry. Well, I don't hate doing it as much as I hate folding and hanging everything up.
20. I LOVE cereal.
21. I'm a planner by nature. I like for everything to be planned and organized.
22. Twenty two is my favorite number to write.
23. I hate board games. Correction... I hate losing, THEREFORE I don't play board games. Haha.
24. I make toffee every Christmas.
25. The greatest day of my life was a day I spent exploring a rain-forest, jumping into a fresh water spring, sipping tea and having boomerang lessons from an aborigine in Australia.
26. I love new clothes. As a kid, for my birthday, instead of going to a theme park or having a birthday party, my mom, my grandma and me would spend the day shopping.
27. I love thrift stores and flea markets.
28. I'm a purse girl. I've had a purse on my shoulder since about the time I could walk.
29. "Hook" is, and always has been, my favorite movie.
30. I hate being hot.
31. I get socially anxious and would consider myself an introvert.
32. Growing up my grandpa flew his own plane and despite riding in that tiny plane no problem as a kid, I get super anxious when I fly.
33. I can be pretty stubborn.
34. Growing up I loved watching old episodes of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
35. Poppies are my favorite flower, but I don't really like getting flowers because it always breaks my heart when they die.
36. I have had three cars. (My first car was a silver Jetta. My 2nd car was a a BMW convertible. And my current car is a Hyundai Tuscon.)
37. My first concert was Hal Ketchum with my family.
38. I went to private Christian school until college.
39. My girl crushes are Jennifer Love Hewitt, Isla Fischer and Natalie Portman.
40. I love cheese.
41. I have a birthmark above my right knee.
42. Growing up, between the ages of 2 and when I moved out, my parents had three homes, all within about a one mile radius.
43. I've always wanted to sing the national anthem at a professional sporting event.
44. I took sign language classes as a kid and would still like to pursue that further.
45. My first real sewing project was sewing my own scrunchies as a kid on my moms old beat up machine.
46. I wish so badly that I was able to draw.
47. I can drink most any guy under the table.
48. Growing up I hated having red hair.
49. My role model is my late grandma, Marilyn Lucille.
50. I prefer dogs over cats.

Well, there you have it, some things you might have known about me and some you might not have.

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Stefana said...

I really enjoyed this post! Lets see... I didn't know about your commercial, number 9 being your fave and 20 being your fave to write, and your first concert. Not too shabby.

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