Monday, February 4, 2013

Hair Bow Tutorial

So lately I've been on a bow making rampage and thought I should do a tutorial so that everyone can make some for themselves!
I will probably be listing some on my etsy shop soon so, I probably shouldn't be posting a tutorial but there really isn't much better than making something by hand and the feeling of pride that comes over you once you finish and I just want to share that.

What you'll need:
1. Fabric of choice (If you'd like you can chose an alternating fabric for the center piece). You really don't need much. Even if you just have some scraps lying around. As long as they are as big as the measurements listed below (and even if they aren't, you could just make your bow a little smaller).
2. Templates. Technically you don't need to make these. You could just cut your fabric using a ruler but I always prefer to make a template. I find it makes cutting my fabric easier. I used some card stock. You can use any sort of paper you want. Sometimes I even use just plain white printer paper. Your two templates should measure 4 inches by 8 inches and 1 inch by 3 inches.
3. Barrette. Ideally I'd like to make these with alligator clips but, I had these barrette clips lying around so that's what I used. It's up to you.
4. Scissors
5. Glue Gun (and glue)
(Not pictured: felt)
(Optional: Iron)

First: Start by using your templates to cut out your two pieces of fabric. (Again, it can be from the same fabric, or two different, it's really just personal preference.)

Then, fold the bigger piece in half long ways with right sides facing in.
(I'm gunna go back to kindergarten here but, like a hot dog, not a hamburger). 

Sew along the raw open edge.

Then turn the fabric right side out.

 Once it's turned right side out, line up the seam in the middle as pictured.

 Fold the edges of one end into itself to hide the raw edges.
 (I ironed mine to give it a good crease) 

 Then slip the other end inside. 
It should look like this.
Sew the two ends together.
(Being careful not to go through both sides of your loop.)
 It should form a loop like the photo below. 
Take your smaller piece of fabric and fold in both sides.
(Iron for a cleaner edge)
Set aside. It will be used soon. 
Line up your seam in the middle. 
This will be the back of your bow. 
Flip your bow over and pinch in the middle.
Play around with it until you like the way it looks.
 Use your glue gun and put a little glue in the middle to keep it in place.
Wrap your center fabric around your bow. 
(The little bit of glue should help it stay in place)
 Wrap the fabric around (if it is too long, which it most likely will be, trim it to fit).
Use your glue gun and glue in in place.
 When you flip it around, you'll see... you're almost done!
 Grab your barrette and a small scrap of felt. 
Fold and glue the felt around the barrette. 
(The reason that we do this is because oftentimes the glue doesn't form a good bond on the metallic surface so the felt creates a sturdier bond for the bow to hold onto.)

Then, glue your felted barrette onto your bow and, voila! Your bow is now a cute hair barrette! Now that wasn't so hard, was it?


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