Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spartan Race and January Birchbox!

This weekend was the So Cal Super Spartan Race. My boyfriend and his brother had the crazy idea to sign up for this race months ago and they've been training for it ever since.

If you're unfamiliar here is their official promo video:
When I first saw this video I was like "You are NOT doing that". Clearly... he didn't listen to me.

We headed out to Temecula Saturday morning for the boys' 1:15pm start time. Originally I was kind of bummed that it was supposed to rain but, in retrospect, the weather was actually pretty perfect.

Here we are at the registration booth. I had to sign a waiver just to be a spectator!
Sam and his brother had been looking forward to this race for so long. (They definitely have some strong genes in that family, don't you think?)
The race consisted of about an 8 mile course with 20+ obstacles throughout like, army crawling under barbed wire through mud, swimming through the lake, pulling cinder blocks, flipping tractor tires and much more.

 Sams mom and I spent the day cheering for and supporting our boys (and maybe having a few beers along the way ;)) It was my first time really spending a good chunk of one on one time with her and it was a lot of fun.
 Sam finished before all of his friends. I am beyond proud of him. He finished and he finished strong and now, all he can talk about is doing the even BIGGER Spartan Race next!

I sent this photo to my mom and she couldn't believe how good he looked after finishing.
Haha. She's always said how cute he is. The first time she met him, she text me shortly after we left with: "OMG cutest ever!"

It was a great day and I can't say enough how proud I am of my man. He set a goal and he finished it. He beat the goals he had for himself and now, he wants to do even more!
So, looks like I'll be a spectator at another Spartan Race again soon.

On another note, I got my Birchbox earlier in the month and just haven't had the time to film a video of it.
Also, I wanted to either get Danica or Stefana to do the video with me to show two different boxes.

So last night Stefana and I were both finally home at the same time and I decided it would be a perfect time to film my latest Birchbox video so, here it is!

In the beginning of the video it is taking everything in me not to hysterically laugh. It's definitely a lot harder to film a video with someone else vs. alone but, we did it and it turned out pretty good.

(Also, if you've missed any of my other Birchbox videos and would like to catch up, you can view them all on my YouTube Channel)

After getting the box for about 7 months now, I might be canceling my subscription soon. And it's not because I don't like the box. It's just that my collection of samples is starting to seem to be a lot of similar products because I've been getting it for awhile now.

Subscription boxes are the hot new thing and there are so many other cool ones that I would love to try. So, we'll see what I end up doing but as for now, I still have my Birchbox subscription and I'll continue making videos.

xoxo, shea

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Haley said...

I love the Birchbox! You guys are so Cute! xo

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