Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Welp... it's over. Another year has come and gone.
Can you believe it?
I was just getting used to writing "2012" and now we have to write "2013"!
I rounded the year out cramming pretty much as much as I could into as little time as possible.
December 27th I decided to ditch work, join the crowd and spend the day at Disneyland. Sam and I got there before they even opened ready to squeeze every ounce we could out of the day. If you know me, you know that's a pretty crazy feat. I was up and in the car by 6am. This is very rare.
Us cold sleepyheads on the tram bright and early.
As always, it was a great day. The park was a capacity so the lines were all pretty long so we decided to do some things that we don't usually do. That's the beauty of having a pass.
Since we usually go at night we never really get a chance to go to the "Pirate's Liar" on Tom Sawyers Island. Sam was like a kid! Climbing through the tunnels. It was a lot of fun.
The day before Sam went out and got his first ever.... IPHONE! (I've been an avid i-Phone-r for years, always trying to get him to switch over and he finally made the switch and now he's as obsessed as me! haha)
He always has his phone out now, taking photos and posting them to "IG" haha.
So glad he finally is part of the apple family.
Getting to the park so early we were exhausted by the early afternoon and headed home.
Then Saturday it was time for ONE more Christmas celebration down at my grandparents house just outside of Oceanside.
Sam was so cute, he wore the sweater and the shoes that my parents got him for Christmas and he looked adorable, as always.

My 16 year old cousin has been taller than me since she was like 8. I look like a dwarf in this photo.

It was a nice evening spent with my dads side of the family and my grandma made her famous mac n cheese with hot dogs. Yes, I'm 26 years old and that is still one of my all-time-favorite foods. Haha.
And I came home to spend the rest of the evening with these two little weasels.
Sam worked most of Sunday so I did some SERIOUS damage at three of my favorite spots, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Target.
I've been looking for bedding and lamps that I really like for quite some time now and this weekend, I found both! The teal lamps are to die for. I mixed them with a yellow Target lampshade that I love and viola! Something totally me!
I'm really into repeating geometric patterns lately and I like having grey bedding just because with having dogs it works better and I found this great comforter! I love it!
On a not so fun note... I had noticed water coming from under my dryer the other day so I had a guy from work coming to look at it on Monday. Sunday night I also noticed the floor by my kitchen sink felt bumpy, like water had gotten under it. When the guy from work came to check it out, turns out it was two SEPARATE leaks. One from my dryer (which he fixed, no problem) and one coming from the pipe that I guess runs to the ice machine in my fridge that had caused water to puddle under the sink, getting the sub floor wet and causing it to bubble up. Wonderful! Happy New Year to me!
Luckily my parents are willing to help me figure out that whole mess. I technically rent my house and I know that most of this should land on the landlords shoulders but my landlord is a family friend who only has us pay his mortgage and doesn't charge us any extra so I really don't want to burden him with any issues. Hopefully it all gets straightened out soon because I'm thinking about maybe having a dinner party at my house for my birthday in a couple weeks and that is definitely NOT happening if my kitchen floor is ripped up. Haha.
Our New Years Eve was spent like most of the best nights we have, cuddled up watching a movie. Unfortunately Sam always works on those kinds of days, he didn't get off work until almost 11:30 and I didn't want to go out without him. So, I had two glasses of champagne waiting for him as soon as he walked in the door and that's how we spent our New Years Eve. Party animals, I know. Haha.
Well I hope that everyone had a fun a safe New Years Eve and I hope that 2013 has wonderful things in store for you!

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