Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday friends! We survived another week! And a solar eclipse! And as always, another week means another batch of favorites, here are this weeks!
Check out this weeks Friday Favorites!
1. Pendant Light- As I've mentioned, ever since getting our new couch I have been on a revamping rampage through our house. Next up is our dining room light fixture. Right now we have something similar to this (except mine was like $67 not $468). Gross right? I'm loving the minimal and modern look of this fixture... and that price tag ain't bad either! // 2. This bar sign- This totally reminds me of the labor of love that was the chalkboard bar signs I created for my wedding but with a fun modern twist! I love the idea of putting it on glass or acrylic! I'm thinking about using this idea for signage for my upcoming craft fair. // 3. Cake Stand- I'm a sucker for cake stands, just ask my husband. I have a collection and we store them in a series of cabinets that I can't reach so every time I need to take one down or put one away he has to be involved. Not sure how he'd feel about adding one more to the collection haha.  // 4. These Towels- I know these are super trendy and I have a tendency to gravitate to things more trendy than timeless but... I want them! // 5. These PJs- I don't think I've ever spent $42 on PJs but how cute are these?! I may just put them on my Christmas list. 

And that rounds out this weeks favorites! Have you spotted anything around the web this week you'd like to share? I'd love to see!

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