Monday, May 22, 2017

Meet the Maker: Lauren of Josie B

Happy Monday! I'm back with an all new "Meet the Maker" Monday! Today I am featuring Lauren of Josie B. She makes adorable doormats!
If you've heard of a little thing called the internet, I'm sure you've seen Lauren's work. She is the originator of the original "Bye Felecia" doormat. She has since expanded and makes dozens of others (My personal favorite: "If You're Pizza, Amazon or Ryan Gosling I'm Home"). Her fun sense of humor really comes across in her work (which, by the way has been featured on BUZZFEED, Huffington Post, Lucy Hale's Instagram and some of them are even sold at NYLON shop!). Lets get to know her, shall we?

Tell me a little bit about yourself...

Hmm where do I start? I'll be 33 this July, and that's a little terrifying. My business is my life. I'm in my second year doing it, and it's the most rewarding and also challenging thing I have ever done. I am a bit of a hermit, but I do love getting gussied up getting out and visiting with friends as much as I can. I'm sarcastic and am always the one to say the most inappropriate line I can think of. Ask my family! I just enjoy seeing people squirm, haha! My goal is to make people laugh, and I try, but not too hard, to make that happen as much as I can. 

What is it that you make and how did you get started?

Well, I was a hairdresser for 5 years and after going through an awful breakup, I realized I needed a change. I quit my job and decided to go to College. Snooze! During that time realized that I really needed a creative outlet. Books were boring af, and I started brainstorming. I was out shopping one day and saw a cute but rather boring outdoor mat and thought "I could totally do that-- but with a funny saying!". At that time, "Bye Felicia" was coming out of everyones mouth, even the grandmas! So poof! That was it. I had an Etsy shop where I was selling hair ties so I made a couple "felicia" mats, and posted them to my shop. I also posted them on my Instagram and they just sort of took off. I have now done over 100 different doormat styles and have made and sold over 5,800 mats. 

Loves: Starting a business and being newly single sort of put me into "hermit mode", but that's what gave me the time to really get to know myself (and also gave me LOADS of free time!) I love my business and putting my time into it. I of course love catching up with friends as much as I can. I also love working on new projects and DIYs. I just remodeled my bedroom and decorating is my new obsession. I pretty much had my office in my room and now I finally have that separation. I think a bedroom should be a sanctuary! I also love a good Netflix binge, duh! 

Hates: Before I vent, I must say I try hard to keep a positive outlook. To be honest, I used to be pretty negative especially after going through hard times. I remember thinking "what did I do to deserve this??". But I have a new outlook on life being in business and feel so grateful. Now with all of that being's what I can't stand. A big part of my business and interaction is on social media, specifically Instagram, and I see so much hate. I can't stand it. I can't stand seeing a comment where someone feels the need to...make a comment about something or someone. It always seems to be that they think it's "their opinion" so they're entitled to it. The problem is, is that helping anything? I wish that before every comment someone made they would ask themselves "is this productive?". If the answer is no, don't say anything. Just scroll on, dude! I can't wrap my head around the fact that people have to say nasty stuff to strangers. Oh, and I also hate copycats. I see it everywhere. People copy me and other businesses and it's totally lame. I do not believe in that saying "Imitation is the biggest form of flattery". I'm not flattered, I'm annoyed.  

Guilty Pleasures: I guess I'd say the Housewives shows. Really, anything on Bravo actually! I mean, is that even a guilty pleasure? I'm a proud fan!  

Cocktail of Choice: Margys, always! 

What advice to you have for fellow makers?

Do it! Seriously, I am speaking from experience here. If you have an idea, go with it. Trust your gut. I promise you, if you don't do it, someone else will end up doing it and you'll just be kicking yourself later. That happened to me once and it was one of those ideas where I thought "it's stupid and no one will like it or get it". Then someone else did it and people loved the idea! Self doubt is real people! Obviously, I don't mean you should put yourself in a financial strain, but we are capable of so much more than we think, so make moves! Having the confidence is hard, I know, and putting yourself out there is scary. But the benefits of putting something out that people like and respond well to is the most rewarding feeling I have ever felt. I'm an open book and share so much on social media and this message is the most important to me. I never felt like I had anyone pushing me so if my experiences or stories can help someone make that leap, I love to help!

PS--For the record, when I say I love to share so much, I don't mean I have 50 insta stories at one time talking about nothing. I am also not one of those "Lauren just checked into the gym" (on Facebook) kind of girls. In my opinion, no one cares that I'm at the gym, so what's the point? Oh and I don't go to the gym. So there's that. 
Thank you for tuning in to another week of my "Meet the Maker" series! 
Be sure to check out Lauren on  Instagram // Etsy

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