Monday, April 23, 2012


Several months back I saw this video posted for The Color Run.
I immediately knew it was something I HAD to do.
I'm not even a runner but my friend Danica is, so, I sent it to her and got her on board and we registered!
I had been SO looking forward to it and this weekend, the time had finally come!

The way the race works is that all participants wear white shirts and at each kilometer there is a color station where they throw some color on you.

(*Side note: Several of our photos were taken with our phones that were in zip-locks for protection, so they look a little fuzzy. Can't put the iphones in danger. They are like our children. Haha.*)
Danica and I decided to make some colorful tutu's for the event. Here we are nice and clean before the race.
The starting line: A sea of white.
 The first color station was yellow but I didn't get a great pic from after that station. The 2nd was green and here is a photo from after that station.

 Third was purple. The purple station volunteers were mostly teenage boys and they definitely had no problem being generous with the color. One of them was swinging his bottle like a baseball bat and hitting people pretty hard with the color. The substance, however, is like a powder, so even getting hit hard with it really doesn't hurt and he was having fun with it.

 At the race I met Danica's friend Julie and her friend Megan. We hung with them for most of the race. they looked adorable in their Team Sparkle skirts.
The pink station I would definitely say was the most generous with color. I think since it was the last of the color stations they had the motto that if they saw any white, they were determined to change that.

Once the finish line was in sight we all started getting excited about the "color cloud" that we had been hearing about that is supposed to happen every 15 minutes at the finish line.
Every participant received a package of color with their race packet. This was to be used at the "color cloud". Here is a video that Danica took while we were in "the cloud".
 Being inside of the cloud was so cool but it was also cool to capture it from the outside
It's funny bc this is a photo that Danica captured of me taking the above video.
 Danica put this together. A photo of us after each color station. Somehow I managed to stay pretty clean for awhile. I always seemed to be going through as the color station volunteers were reloading. There was no shortage of color on me by the end though.
My bf came to see me but wouldn't get anywhere near me haha (with good reason). I was able to snake a kiss out of him though ;)
They had waves of participants going all day, so when we were all finished up and walking to the car there were people just getting there. It was crazy to see how nice and cleaned they all looked. The people with NO color on them actually stood out more than the ones with color!
It was a super fun race, one I would definitely do again. They added a race in San Diego in November that I'm contemplating doing and making a fun San Diego weekend out if. So, we'll see!



Kristy said...

I still have green armpits!!! This was a great race! So sad I missed you girls!

Shea Crystal said...

oh my gosh! one of my armpits is still purple! and some of my toes are still pink (NO idea how it got through my shoes AND socks but it did! haha). Glad I'm not the only one!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

It was so much fun to meet you and do this crazy race. I still have pink stuff in odd places a week later.

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