Friday, February 3, 2012

Foto Friday

If you follow me on twitter and/or instagram this blog might be kind of pointless bc it's basically just all the photos from there but, here goes:

This week was a week of expHAIRiments
French Braided Pony
Size French Braid/Messy Bun
Side Part Turned Conan O'Brein. Haha.
Continuting with the #FEBphotoaday
2. (my favorite) words
3. hands
This week I also got my order from! You choose nine of your Instagram photos and they make nine little magnets for you. I LOVE them!

Welp, here's hoping that I am as productive this weekend as I was last weekend. I even made a new curtain for the kitchen last weekend!



Stefana said...

I Love all of your hair styles! The braid stuff is the best!

Stefana said...

Oh and YAY! I figured out how to post a comment!!

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