Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, this weekend wasn't quite as productive as my last but it was fun.

Friday night I had an impromptu dinner date with one of my college sorority sisters (which was so surprising because it's usually SO hard for us to plan anything because we have such different schedules). I'm not a huge salad fan but SOMETHING about the way she makes salads makes my mouth water. I told her that I had been trying to diet and was wondering if she would mind staying in and she could maybe make one of her yummy salads.  She loves to cook and entertain and was nice enough to spoil me with one of her salads. yum!
It was just simply arugula but she has a perfect mix of balsamic vinegar and oil that I have attempted and failed more times than I'd like to admit. She showed me how this time though, I'll have to try it out sometime soon. She grilled up some chicken and we threw it on top (and yes, true to form, I threw a little bit of cheese in as well). It was so delicious and surprisingly filling. We spent the evening giggling, catching up and watching our favorite, "Friends". I started to head home just in time to catch the beau just as he was getting off work. *WARNING: Cheesy line ahead* I love ending my week cuddled up next to him :)

We spent Saturday running errands (every weekend should include a trip to Target, right?) and then he had to go to work. So Danica and I decided to treat ourselves to a cheat meal, after all, we had worked out REALLY hard Friday morning (I was sore all weekend). With coupons and gift cards in hand, we headed to our favorite spot: Chic-Fil-A :)
Even though I felt like I earned the meal, I felt guilty after and decided to do a little home workout to end my Saturday night (wild I know, haha).
Sunday morning I let myself sleep in and snuggle with these two little guys. I know I'm partial but are they not the two cutest dogs you've ever seen? They make me melt.
Then it was Super Bowl party time! No surprise, I'm not a huge football fan but who doesn't like a good Super Bowl party!
We got a call before we headed over that the party host "forgot to pick up the burgers, dogs and buns" while he was at the store. Is that not the most important part?? Haha. So we picked them up on the way over. Then, what do you know, Sam somehow became responsible for cooking the hot dogs too! Sheesh, we might as well just thrown the party ourselves! We had fun though and saw some old friends.
This morning Danica and I got another early morning workout in (I must say, I'm pretty surprised that I haven't given up on this whole thing yet and while, yes, it's been less than a week, I'm still pretty proud of myself). The best part about getting in an early morning workout is that it gives me so much time to myself in the mornings. I get to really pick out my outfits and really do my hair, as opposed to my old way of hitting snooze until the last second possible and throwing on whatever I can grab and throwing my hair up. Yet another of the early morning workout perks. Surprisingly enough the perks have outweighed the negatives.
Tonight Sam and I are cooking dinner together which is always fun.
Monday's aren't as bad as everyone says they are after all...


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Stefana said...

SO proud of you!! Keep up the good work!

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