Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eye Yuy EYE (part II)

So yesterday I went back to the NVISION center once again for my scratched cornea check-up. At my previous appointment the doctor had told me "So we'll see you back here on Wednesday" I informed him that I already had a post-op appointment set with my regular eye doctor on Thursday to which he replied "Iiiiii'd really like to see you again on Wednesday".

(Reminded me of the boss on "Office Space")
So I set the appointment, dreading coming back AGAIN from Long Beach to Newport Beach but told myself, better safe than sorry.

So yesterday I arrive at 9:30 for my 9:45 appointment. I'm usually early for everything, plus I wasn't sure how traffic would be, so I signed in, the girl behind the front desk was a lot nicer than usual which was refreshing. Then I took a seat. I waited probably a good half hour before hearing my "name" (She-uh) being called. The girl (who of course was a girl I hadn't seen before) was VERY nice and VERY apologetic for the long wait. I almost felt like they had seen my previous blog post and were making up for it. Everyone was being so nice! She complimented my outfit, asked if I wanted a coffee, got me a bottle of water, asked if I wanted to surf around on their iPad... Was I at the right place? I definitely wasn't used to this. She then tells me the doctor should be in soon. While I'm waiting, the door to the room is open and I can hear all the nurses talking. I can hear them saying how behind they are and a bunch of other things that I really have no business or interest hearing. The minutes tick by. What I assume to be a manager of some sort comes in "Hiiiiiiii. Sorry for the wait, the doctor should be right in". Ok. So I sit.... and sit... and sit. Finally, an hour after my appointment time the doctor comes in and no, if you were wondering it's NOT the doctor that I saw two days prior who said HE wanted to see me back on Wednesday, but of course, a doctor that I had spent no time with prior. She spent a minute or two looking at my eyes, told me they looked good and sent me on my way, but not before squeezing an extra $25 out of me for a new set of drops. I walked out excited, excited to be through with driving out here every other day and excited to stop being that nameless faceless patient.

Again, I want to reiterate, the surgery itself was just as explained to me, Dr.Lusby was great and I am very happy with my vision. Its just that, the center itself could use a little work. My friend Nick got the same surgery with the same surgeon but at the Fullerton office and says he had a good experience so, for those interested, there's a note to take from this.

I got the e-mail today including my post-surgery photo. The best part.... It's BLURRY! The first photo of me with CLEAR vision is BLURRY. That just about sums everything up right there...



Chic Runner said...

I'm sorry but I cannot stop laughing at that picture.. SO IRONIC! The fact that they didn't really apologize that it's blurry and she sent it knowing it's blurry... is baffling to me. I'm glad you shared this experience with everyone here, Eye have enjoyed it!

Stefana said...

I agree with Danica!! That's too funny!!

Corey said...

Maybe they thought you'd see it sooner before your vision got clear and that it'd look good to you!!

Nina said...

That picture!!! I know it's not supposed to be funny, but it is!! I hope you LOVE having clear vision!

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