Friday, September 16, 2011

Makeup Your Mind!

If you know anything about me, you know that I am literally the epitome of a girly girl.
I've carried a purse since I could walk. I live for shoes and handbags. I'm a firm believer that you can never have enough accesories. And, of course, I LOVE makeup.
I had been stuck in a makeup rut, using the same old thing even though I knew I didn't like it, but dreading figuring out something else to use. I had been using MACs Studio Fix liquid foundation for years. I had never been totally satisfied with it but, like I said, switching brands can oftentimes be such a hassle. You go down to the department store, have a stranger sell you some random make up that is probably seasonal that they're being told to sell, after which, you get home and realize its not your color whatesoever and on top of that, it makes you break out!
I don't know what came over me but, I had heard that there was a Sephora inside my local JCPenny so I decided to check it out. I walked in and, what do you know, there really WAS a Sephora! I actually used to work at Ulta with my roommate Danica and while, stores like those are fun, they can oftentimes be overwhelming and all of the employees are busy helping someone else. The way this Sephora was set up tho was perfect. It was much smaller than most Sephora's but it still felt like they had everything I needed. The girls who worked there were very friendly and got right to assisting me with my make up selection.
I was eager to try Makeup Forever because I've noticed it's what my idol Kandee Johnson often uses. I asked the girl working if she had a favorite brand and she acutally told me that she loves the Stila Perfect and Correct Foundation. I hadn't used anything Stila since high school, maybe even junior high but I figured I'd give it a shot. Since I was already there, I asked if she would mind using one brand on each side of my face, to compare. I liked them both but the Makeup Forever reminded me a lot of MAC which, like I said, I was trying to steer away from. The Stila foundation seemed to have a lot more to offer with key benefits like:
•Swirled with an advanced emolient system
•Unique multi-mineral complex
•Contains potent antioxidants & skin soothing chamomile
•Helps diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles
•Helps hydrate & balance
•Helps minimize pores & control oil
•High definition, high performance
•Weightless, medium coverage
And overall, it just felt better on my skin, so I decided to go with it. After all, look how cool it looks!

Since buying it, I actually feel like my skin has improved. Putting it on is so refreshing because of the built in hydration. I've been really happy with my purchase and I think I can officially say that I'm a Stila fan!
While I was there I also picked up one of my favorite Nars blush called "Orgasm". I die for this blush. It literally looks great on everyone. Depending on your skin type it can look peachy or pinky and has a gorgeous iridescent hue. I just love it.

Because I tend to get oily throughout the day I also picked up a Mattifying Foundation compact from the Sephora brand.

While I was there I picked up a few other things and then made myself get out of there before I spent any more money! haha.

I'm so happy with everything I bought, its scary how fast you can spend money on makeup!
It sure doesn't LOOK like $215 worth of stuff! haha.

Also, today is the first day of sorority recruitment at my Alma Mater California State Univeristy, Fullerton! Wishing my girls good luck! Can't believe it's been seven YEARS since I became a Gamma Phi Beta!

♥ ΓΦΒ ♥ pΓΦΒably the best decision I've ever made.

I hope that everyone has a happy Friday and a very relaxing weedend!

xoxo, shea

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