Thursday, September 15, 2011

The higher the hair...

...The closer to God!
I've always loved that little saying. My roommate does too and even has this in her bathroom:

I've always had such a hard time getting any volume in my hair. I remember being little and my mom (who isn't very hair knowledgable to begin with) trying to curl my hair and by the time she finished it'd be completely straight and flat again. Since getting older, my hair has gotten thicker and can manage to actually hold a curl now but doesn't really keep much volume.
So the other day I came across Kate's blog where I found this awesome post.
I watched these tutorial videos:

and thought to myself, I HAVE to try it! I had a dinner date planned last night with my boyfriend and his mom, who, not only would I be meeting for the first time, she ALSO just so happens to be a hair stylist! So, if this went right, it would be perfect.
I went to my local beauty store and couldn't find the Aquage Uplifting Foam that Kate raves about and swears by on her blog but, the girl working there suggested this:
I use Matrix haircare already so I figured it was worth a shot.
Once I made that purchase, it was volumizing time!
I washed my hair, applied the volumizing foam and blew my hair dry upside down. I could already tell that the volumizing foam had worked because my hair was fuller than normal.
I then used Kate's technique and crossed my fingers:

(that's my "I sure hope this works" face. haha) I let the hair sit while I finished up my make-up, took a deep breath, took the clips out and viola:

more volume than I've ever been able to give myself! After I took the clips out I had to do just a little touching up but I was very pleasantly surprised. I can't wait to really perfect this technique and spend more time being "closer to God" ;) haha. xoxo,

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