Friday, November 3, 2017

Craft Room Bathroom Makeover // The Before

You should all know by now, I have a garage turned craft room that I lovingly refer to as "The Cave". Attached to "The Cave" is a powder room of sorts with a toilet and a utility sink. Because the owner of the home (a family friend who we currently rent from) had a man cave of his own before it was my cave, the powder room is... rough. I don't even use it. 

I have recently been dying to host crafting workshops in "The Cave" but I'd like for the space to be "finished" before I do that. While I've been slowly making "The Cave" more suitable for workshops, I realized I had neglected to think about a pretty important area... the craft room bathroom! And that's when I decided, it was time for a makeover!

Now is the time I share a before picture with you. As I said... its rough. The only thing I've done to it so far is change the toilet.
Hoping to take this powder room from drab to fab!
So that's what I'm workin' with. It's definitely not pretty. It still has the staples in the walls from what I can only assume was where posters of girls on cars were hung, no doubt. But it has SO much potential! I'm so stinkin excited about this project! My inspiration is this bathroom...
How dreamy is this Powder Room from Our Fifth House??
I know mine will never look like this (it's an actual bathroom for starters, not a room attached to a garage haha), but it's a great place to draw some inspiration. I've already started collecting elements for when the project gets underway. And I've started a Pinterest board, if you'd like to check it out!
Can't wait to get started and share the finished product with you all!

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