Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Hi friends! Sorry I've been a little MIA... After spending the first half of last week at the Cricut Mountain Make-a-thon, I spent the rest of the week playing catch up which was immediately followed by my dog spending three days at the emergency vet. I think I am finally recovering from it all and thankfully, I have a weekend ahead of me that is free of plans! It's sad how excited I get over NOT having plans. Haha. I have found some awesome things around the web this week though that I wanted to share with you so here's another installment of my Friday Favorites! 
Check out these Friday Favorites from Not So Cli-Shea!

1 DIY Copper Pipe Wardrobe Stand: Technically this is a "bridal DIY" but... how great would it be just for your daily life?! I love the industrial/modern look of the copper piping. I may have to try this DIY out for myself. // 2 Sputnik Chandelier- I've been trying to modernize my space lately. I started by getting a new couch and now everything else is looking extra drab, like our dining room chandelier that is probably about 7 years old and is looking its age. I have this little beauty sitting in my Amazon cart waiting to come home with me. // 3 Coffee Table- I had to get a new modern looking coffee table to match my new modern sofa. Truth be told, this coffee table matches its price. It's not the most sturdy, but I love the mid-century modern look of it. It definitely brightens up the space. // 4 Moroccan Pouf- I've always loved these and they go with the new "vibe" that I'm going for. They're another one sitting in my Amazon cart. // 5 Succulent Gift Card Holders- are these not the CUTEST?! I'm planning to whip a bunch of these up this weekend just to have on hand in a pinch. Such an adorable way to jazz up a simple gift card!

And that's it! That rounds out these weeks favorites! Have you come across anything this week worth sharing? As always, I'd love to see it! 

This post does contain affiliate links – which means that I may get a commissions if you decide to purchase one of these items, at no extra cost to you!

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