Monday, January 2, 2017

Gimme Date Rose // Bachelor Season 21

It's here! It's officially here! Yes, yes, the new year, but also THE NEW SEASON OF THE BACHELOR! Nick Viall is back for his FOURTH chance at love, a record for the Bachelor franchise! (Although Chris Bukowski came pretty close.)
As you may already know, (and if you don't, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!) my girlfriends and I have a pretty intense Bachelor fantasy league so we try to get together for all of the big episodes, like the premiere and the finale. Using my Cricut Explore Air, I created some festive party decor for the occasion. 
 And a "Gimme Dat Rose" tank top inspired by the classic Joe Bailey line...

 Joe himself even liked the photo!
As always, a Bachelor board was a must, complete with all of the contestants as well as all of my lovely league members. 
And would you look at who liked my board! Our Bachelor himself! (And many of the contestants!)
Our set-up for our viewing party complete with red roses, of course. 
 And for good measure, here are a couple of videos to prove my super fan-dom haha. 

A video posted by Shea Crystal (@sheacrystal) on
This season is sure to be the MOST DRAMATIC SEASON of The Bachelor EVER! I can't wait!


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