Thursday, June 30, 2016

#MrAndMrsFoxInSocks // The Prep

This past weekend I helped throw a bridal shower for my good friend Stefana. She is a quirky Dr.Seuss loving free spirit. When I saw this The Lorax garden themed wedding inspiration I knew it had to be the inspiration for her shower.

I wanted to share a little behind the scenes of what went into the prep and planning before sharing photos of the final product. All of these photos were taken with my iphone so, sorry about the quality.

As I do when planning any party, I started with a color scheme...
From there, I created an invitation (and, as always, used Cards & Pockets for printing). 
(Sensitive information has been omitted)
Obviously, the craft cave was already full of things I could use, like this paper that matched perfectly. 
So I started by making a custom banner (with my Cricut) using their wedding hashtag (and the "Doctor Soos" font from of course). 
I didn't know what I was going to do with them at the time but I also made some cute diamonds.
  I even already had straws that perfectly matched!
Using my Cricut I made a couple of signs. This mirror one I decided to put back in the plastic when I was done because I kept getting fingerprints all over it. It was also super hard to take a picture of.
 I love the way this chalkboard sign turned out. I actually took off the teal part and used a chalk marker for the days countdown. 
 I bought and spray paint in the prefect colors some Ikea frames  and vases for some fun decor.

 If you've never been to Fabric Barn & House of Crafts on Anaheim and Obispo in Long Beach you MUST go. It's where I always go to buy all the ribbon for all of my ribbon backdrops. The prices are insane and the amount you get on each roll is SO generous.
On my way to my little crafting hidden gem I drove past another one of my favorite hidden treasures, Warehouse 1333 where I spotted these awesome chairs! As I often do when I fall in love with things at first glace, I gave myself a price that I wouldn't go over to get them. On my way back I stopped by and they were $25 a piece! What a steal! So I grabbed all 4 and ended up using one as a "throne" of sorts for the bride to be at the shower!
It turned out cute, right?

I also made a little custom pillow to sit on the chair that the bride loved!

The ribbon after it was all cut for the photo backdrop. I use a rolling garment rack to store and prep all of my banners and backdrops
Again, using my Cricut, I made a custom cake topper, "Mutual Weirdness Forever". 
We didn't end up using these but I wanted to share. I attempted to make a little "truffula tree" and it turned out pretty cute!
Stay tuned for photos from the shower itself, coming soon!

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