Monday, May 9, 2016

A Mother of a Day

Somehow, I'm not really sure how it happened, we ended up hosting Mother's Day this year. I had reached out to my Mother In Law to ask her what her plans were and she suggested maybe coming to our house. So the plan was set in motion. I ran it by my mom and she was on board too. So I began the same way I begin every party plan, with a color scheme. 
It was pretty last minute so I tried to work with what I had. 
I already have a ton of black and white stuff (because I'm drawn to it) both left over from our wedding as well as just lying around because I can't help myself when I see it for sale. I also had a ton of hot pink stuff left over from my birthday. Once the color scheme was determined, the crafting began. 
Tassels and custom straws were of course a must.
And if you know me at ALL, you KNOW there was a photo backdrop.

 It was also a great excuse to spruce up the backyard. 
Rug: Target // Umbrella: Target // Umbrella Stand: Home Depot // Furniture: Hand-me-down from my grandma
 Tabletop: Ikea // Table Legs: Ikea // Drink Bin: Target (similar) // Cooler: Amazon 
We've had that big marquee O since before our wedding and I never quite found a good place for it until the party. There was already a nail there so it worked out great!
 The cupcake toppers were of course a Cricut project. 
 So cute, right?
Sam had actually gone to the farmers market the day before and picked up tons of gorgeous flowers while he was there, so I grabbed some of my leftover wedding vases and created some cute little arrangements with them. 

Some of Sam's family from out of state who I had never really gotten a chance to visit with happen to be in town so it was great getting a chance to get to know them and of course it was wonderful spending time with the family that I do know. Time spent with family is never time wasted. It turned out to be a gorgeous day with wonderful people and memories I will cherish.

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