Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Well... it's happened... I've joined the ranks of the betrothed.

Saying I was surprised is an understatement, not that Sam and I haven't talked about it. It's actually probably the thing we talk about most, I just didn't know it was happening NOW (or October 6th, to be exact).

October is always a crazy busy month for me as I mentioned in this post. Not only is it the start of the snowball-turned-avalanche of the holiday season, it is also the month of a million birthdays for me. Ok so, maybe not an ACTUAL million, but it seems I must have a certain draw to Libra's because almost all of my favorite people are born within a four week window. Sam definitely used my preoccupation to his advantage and struck when I least expected it.

Sunday October 6th my roommate Stefana had a barbecue at our house to celebrate her birthday (which is on the 7th).
The 6th also happens to be my best friend Danica's birthday. We had made, what I thought to be tentative plans to do dinner (along with my mom) for Danica's birthday that evening. After Stefana's party died down my mom picked me up (not gunna lie, I had a few beers at the barbecue) and headed over to Frano's (where Sam works part time). Sam always works Sunday nights so we had, again, what I thought to be a very organic plan to go to Franco's simply because Sam was working and it was a Sunday night. Turns out Danica's birthday was just the distraction I needed to have NO IDEA what was about to happen.

We get to Franco's, Danica and her husband already there, we sat down and got started with some drinks, very normal. No one was acting funny. Eventually Sam begins telling the specials, again, very normal. He always has a funny tag line with each special, calling them things like "phenomenal" or "amazing" or, my personal favorite "life changing".

When he was about half way through telling us the specials I asked "What about the life changing one?". Apparently that was when Danica thought for SURE I knew what was going on but of course, I didn't. So he continues. He starts to stumble over his words a little, I figure he's just nervous because my mom is there and sometimes he gets a little nervous around my family. I found out later it was because the bus-boy was there lighting the camera and the bus-girl came over and was putting bread on the table and he didn't want to do it with them there.

And then he said it... "And now for the life changing one", he got on a knee, opened a box and started saying things that, to this day, I don't have any recollection of, as I just kept saying "Is this happening!? Is this happening?!". I looked over to my mom and she says "This is happening". I notice Danica's husband has had his phone out this whole time, then someone says "I think he needs an answer". I say "yes", Sam goes to put the ring on, he was shaking so badly. I give him a kiss and the whole restaurant began to applaud.

The moment was not at all what I expected. I didn't cry. I was so in shock. I couldn't believe that everyone knew and I had NO IDEA. They began adding tables to ours as friends and family start trickling in the door giving congratulations. I was so overwhelmed I didn't even know what to do with myself.

Thank you to everyone who made it so special and, most of all, surprising! Love you all! Let the wedding planning begin!

Here's the video that Danica's husband captured immidately following Sam proposing. Enjoy!

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Chic Runner said...

this still makes me laugh how we surprised you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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