Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun

So there was this guy that was a year older than me in junior high that I thought was super cute. When I got to high school and saw him in baseball pants I thought he was even cuter. I even referred to him as "my husband" to my friends. Of course, he had no idea, and wouldn't for years. 

Fast forward to summer of 2011

That's right... it all started with a facebook message. 

I remember going out the first time and telling him that I "didn't believe in relationships" and I "wasn't looking for a boyfriend". I think at first he thought wow, he'd met the perfect girl, a no strings attached girl. Haha. But then feelings started to develop and the no relationship thing really started to bother him. And then, eventually, it even began to bother me. Today marks two years of me finally saying yes to being this crazy kids' girlfriend. We've had our ups and downs but it's sure been a fun ride. 

Happy Anniversary, Poop!

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