Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Birchbox

March is almost over already! I swear every month goes faster than the last but, I'm excited for Spring. Not that Southern California has a rough winter WHATSOEVER (we had days in the 90s in the past couple months!) but it's still nice when Spring rolls around.

So... even though I said I would most likely NOT be getting another Birchbox, here I am, with another one.

It's a funny story (which I also mention in the video). Last month some (insert derogatory noun here) stole almost a thousand dollars from my checking account through the e-quick pay system. Because it was through my online banking I had to close and re-open ALL of my accounts. My checking account. My savings account. AND even my credit card. My bank was wonderful throughout the process but it's still SUCH a headache. As I mentioned, I was planning on cancelling my Birchbox membership. My membership fee comes directly from my credit card every month so I kind of thought to myself, well... since the card doesn't exists anymore, I guess I don't have to cancel my membership, it will just, in a way, cancel itself. Well... needless to say, I was wrong. A few days ago I got an email saying "Your Birchbox has shipped!" and sure enough, yesterday it was in my mailbox. Don't worry, I plan on calling and straightening it all out but, until then, here's another Birchbox video for you!

Also, as I mention in the video, I've been cookin' up a bloopers video that I can't wait to share. I'm not sure if I should wait and keep adding to it until its a good length OR if I should just make several shorter ones as I go but what I have so far is pretty good, not gunna lie. Haha. I hope everyone had a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day!

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