Tuesday, October 30, 2012


October is such a great month.

The air gets a little more crisp. All of us girls get to break out our boots and scarves that have been locked away in the closet since the first hints of summer. Tv watching is now done in sweats with a blanket and perhaps a warm beverage. And best of all, I, personally, get to spend the month celebrating all of my favorite people!

I don't know what it is but I seem to have a strong affinity for Libras and Scorpios which keeps me VERY busy in the month of October and some of November. Let me give you just a little run down of my month...

So as you can see, it's quite a busy month for me but I love celebrating the people I love so I'm not complaining :)
And when I say it's all my favorite people, I mean it! Just look at my "Favorites" on my phone! (yes, I have GoCountry on my favorites... I want to win Stagecoach tickets!)
For Danica's birthday we spent a fun evening at one of our favorite local bars. Very "us". For her gift, among other things, I got us tickets to see the Long Island Medium LIVE! I am addicted to almost every show on TLC and whether she likes it or not, I have gotten Danica into a few of them. Long Island Medium is one of those shows and we LOVE her. I saw that she was coming to Long Beach so I got us tickets and we are SO excited! :)
For Stefana's birthday we went to a nice brunch at Lazy Dog Cafe. I wasn't feeling real well but we managed to get a couple new cute photos to put up in the house. :)
I got her this cute necklace from Jessica Jane K's Etsy shop:
Stefana loves all things Dr. Seuss and I love all things gold and girly so this gift was the perfect mix.
For my grandma's birthday me and my mom and my cousin all surprised her and showed up at her house (in Oceanside) for dinner. When she saw us she couldn't even form a full sentence she was so surprised. It was awesome. I've never seen her so surprised. For some reason lately she seems to refuse to smile in photos but she was happy I swear! :) (her best friend Meryl came and surprised her as well!) It was a really great night.

Katie had a mellow birthday at one of our go-to spots Tantalum in Long Beach. Danica and I went over there for a bit but, sadly, didn't snap any photos.
And then it was my moms birthday. My mom (like most moms) is one of those people that never does anything for herself. She always takes care of everyone else, cleans up after everyone else. So I try my best to make her birthdays special.
These photos are from a few years back. I got us a limo and all of her girlfriends (and mine) together to go to a nice dinner in Newport Beach. (and yes, obviously the "25" candles was a joke).
This photo was from last year. A group of us again got a limo and treated mom to a nice dinner, drinks, and even a little dancing. :)

My parents just recently bought a new home so my mom wanted to just do a mellow birthday this year, which, was fine by me. So I baked her the standard birthday cake that is made for everyones birthdays in our family. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
I love any excuse to wrap a gift so, even though my gift already came in a gift bag, I had to re-wrap it myself.
We had a nice dinner at a restaurant within walking distance of their new house it was a nice mellow night with family.

Sadly, my friend Maryam celebrated her birthday on my moms birthday so I wasn't able to join in her festivities but I plan on celebrating with her soon. I have some of my very best college memories with this girl and wish I was able to spend more time with her.
Same goes for my sorority big sis Jackie!
And lastly, my newly married friend who left us all for a job in Wisconsin... yes... I said Wisconsin... but is now BACK in California (In San Francisco... but STILL it's California!). I won't be able to celebrate with her but Sam and I have been talking about planning a trip up to San Fran to spend a weekend, which I'm really excited about because I haven't seen Haley since her wedding AND I love San Francisco. It's a win win! :)
 I had a wonderful time celebrating all of my most favorite people and now that it's all over I'm looking forward to the holiday season!
Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween and my thoughts and prayers are with all the east coasters who are in the midst of the storm.

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Stefana said...

Aww! Yay for Libras! You were so busy the month of October. Thank you for my necklace! I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH! Good to know I am one of your favie people. :) or at least your fave Merp.

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