Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Pick Me Up

Such a tease.
Friday is so close yet so far away. I know everyone hates Mondays but for some reason Thursdays, for me, are a little worse. When Monday rolls around sure, it's no fun but you've spend the weekend preparing yourself for it. Thursday comes around and you're runnin' on empty. I remember the good ole' days of college when Thursdays were the start of the weekend. Good ole Thirsty Thursday. Now it's just the day that laughs in your face while you're longing for the weekend.

That being said, I usually enjoy a good pick me up on Thursdays. Generally they come from online conversations with my best friend Danica, sending each other highly inappropriet and yet outragously histerical links. This one came a little early though. I found it yesterday.

It made me so happy I'm going to share it as a Thursday pick me up. Yesterday I was on The DayBook Blog and came across one of the best things I have ever seen in my whole life and it comes from a project called Clara Tales.

Do yourself a favor, take the time, and watch this adorable video. You will absolutely enjoy it. It will put a smile on your face. I garuntee it. If you watch it and don't enjoy it, you probably don't have a soul. (Soulless people: feel free to refrain from watching)
Are you dying of cuteness? These kids are beyond adorable. The baby owl?! Oh my gosh. And the narration! So cute.

After watching the video I was obsessed and started looking around for more. The project is still in its infancy so I didn't find any other movies BUT, I found something even cuter than the movie itself... the "behind the scenes" video. Just push play... you'll see...
Oh my gosh, the narration outtakes make me so happy.

I go back and fourth about my feelings towards having kids of my own (not that I am anywhere NEAR slaying THAT dragon) but, watching stuff like this makes me want to have like 10 kids because they are just so funny and cute. I'd have them put on shows for me all the time (in a non-slave kind of way). That being said, I'll probably just watch these videos a million more times to get my fill of cuteness.

Hope you enjoyed!
(You're closer to Friday than you were when you first started reading! haha.)



Stefana said...


Chic Runner said...

This is so genius, and made my day :)

Eliza said...

Hey Shea,

This is Eliza (one of the creators behind Clara Tales) just wanted to say your post made my day! Thanks so much for spreading the word. As one redhead to another, may I say, you are a total babe! We just finished filming the second film in our series over the weekend. This is so much work, a post like yours is a real shot in the arm! Thank you so very much!!

Kristy said...

Cutest thing EVER!!!!

Shea Crystal said...

Stefana, Danica & Kristy, isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever seen. I can't wait for MORE! :)

Eliza, I can't believe you took time out of your day to reply to my post! That is so sweet of you! You are doing an extraordinary thing and my hat's off to you. I can't wait for the second film!

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