Thursday, December 15, 2011

Foto Friday!

Happy Friday!
Gosh Friday's make me so happy, I don't even have to have any weekend plans, just knowing that the weekend is ahead of me makes me happy as a clam.
This Friday I thought I'd share some "Foto's" with you.
Enjoy :)
My little cousin Brynn and I after my cousin Cade's Christmas performance.
 A little miniature apple, so small and cute I had to get a picture.
 I saw this Nadia Cakes car while driving the other day. I remember seeing them on Fabulous Cakes on TLC and had to snap a pic.
Their car was so funny.
"Yup, we were on TV, we know... we're awesome"
 I got a photo sent to me the other day of one of the kittens I rescued at my work. Looks like she's adjusting well :)
 I've been listening to alot of Minature Tigers lately. I had forgotten how much I loved them, specifically this song.
 My boyfriend always sends me the sweetest stuff :)
In less than a month you get to see me make this face on national television. Tune into My Fair Wedding on WE tv Sunday January 15th to see the whole episode of Danica's wedding.
With Christmas right around the corner, it was time to get started on my "famous" english toffee. I've been making it the last few years now and it's become a bit of a tradition. My family keeps asking when they're getting their Christmas toffee. I put it in cute mason jars this year.
A little over a week until Christmas!
I officially made my own stockings this year, made my toffee... AND, thanks to my OBSESSION with Pinterest, was motivated to make all of my wrapping really cute this year. Overall, I'm pretty proud of myself. I just need to get a little more shopping done and I'm all set!

Do you all have any Christmas plans or traditions to share?



Chic Runner said...

Okay that diamond picture is TOO much. S/He is so cute and so glad she got a great home!

Nina said...

1. The Stockings are amazing!!
2. Love homemade gifts like toffee
3. I could have sworn the little girl in the picture was Suri Cruise.

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