Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Thank Heaven, 2011!

I haven't blogged in FIVE MONTHS!

So much has been going on! I decided to quit my bar job and start working for my parents full time, which was a big change. I hadn't done ANYTHING "full time" since college a few years ago! So, getting used to the 9-5 was a bit difficult, but I'm doing it.

Then, the greatest news of all, on February 2nd my best friend and roommate Danica got ENGAGED! So, it's been quite the wedding planning central at our house. Which, being the crafy planner that I am, has been so fun and exciting.

Danica has gotten me really excited about really getting involved with my blog. Obviously, hers is a well oiled machine and mine is a tinker toy in comparison. But, I've been doing a lot of brainstorming with her on how to re-vamp it and really get excited about it and I've already started making changes. I even found a way to add more pages! (the About Mé and Galléry at the top) I'm really looking forward to filling the blogging universe in on everything Not So Cli-Shéa! :)

Check back soon!

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