Saturday, October 16, 2010

And the winners aaaaaare.....

So... I know I said I would post the winners on Friday and TECHNICALLY now it's Saturday but I had a CRAZY busy day.
After much anticiaption I'm SO excited to announce the winners of my FIRST giveaway. Thank you to everyone who entered. It was awesome to read all of your comments, to see all of your tweets and to have you all following me! I'm hoping to make this a regular thing, having giveaways as often as I can.

So... without further adieu, the winners of my First Giveaway are:

Kimi Fowler!
Not only did she tweet about my giveaway, she ALSO promoted it on her baby center community account which, according to my blogger stats, got me a staggering EIGHTY FOUR hits on its own. Unfortunatly, Kimi's little guy is a little too big for the aviator onesie so I'm going to actually be making her a custom piece. She is very into golfing so I'm actually going to be making a special order, one of a kind piece especially for her little man :)
Thanks again Kimi for all the support! I can't wait to get your product to you and see photos of your little one looking "Not So Cli-Shéa" ;)


"Cat's Litterbox"!
Cathy followed my blog, commented on the blog post, tweeted about Not So Cli-Shéa (@NotSoCliShea) AND commented on my Facebook Fan Page
I can't WAIT to see her little Gus in his new pair of Aviators :)

AND since I'm making Kimi K. Fowler a custom onesie, I still have one more winner to announce!

The winner of the diamond "bling" onesie is...

Kristin Miller!
Kristen also followed my blog, commented on the blog post and even blogged about it! I can't wait to see who Kristin will surprise with the wonderful gift of a custom handmade onesie! :)

To the winners: please e-mail me ( with your mailing address so that I can send you your onesie as soon as possible :) Please feel free to take photos of your little one wearing their garment and send them my way. I would LOVE to feature them on my blog and even on my Facebook Fan Page!

Again, thank you to EVERYONE for participating. Your support is MUCH appreciated. Stay tuned for more news and more giveaways hopefully very soon! :)

Also, I would like to thank my best friend and roommate Danica for all of her help and support with this. She is having a giveaway of some of my onesies on her blog as well if you care to take a look. I don't know what I would do without that girl. Also, a little side note this weekend is going to be crazy for her. She's going to be working the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon and Half Marathon. I just pray that everything goes smoothly and it's not too much of a stress fest for her.

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Chic Runner said...

Thanks for the shoutout and glad that you picked such awesome winners. Check my bloggieroo tomorrow for more winners!

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