Thursday, May 6, 2010

busy busy busy.

I've been so busy lately! Danica and I just recently found out that we're moving! We've been so excited and making moving and decorating plans every day! With all of our exciting plans (and expensive taste) I've been working a lot more to bring home the bacon :)

Unfortunately, that has left less time for my line. It's still alive and kickin' tho! Don't you worry.

I recently attended a Craft Fair put on by Miss Heather Kent. Awhile back she flattered me by asking if I would be interested in being a part of a craft fair that she was putting on. Unfortunatly, I didn't feel my product to be 100% ready yet, being the perfectionist that I unfortunately am. But, of course, I still wanted to go and check it out and support her. It was awesome. She did such a great job getting a wonderful group of vendors together. Some of my favorites were:

Found And Made
All of the items are handcrafted using bits and pieces of vintage, recycles or repurposed materials found at estate sales, thrift stores or even a junk pile or two. It was so neat to see the creative ways that things could be reused. Even down to the business cards that were made out of cut outs from old books. I definitely recommend checking it out.

momo fuchi
She had all sorts of adorable handmade ruffle bags. All of her work is very clean and she has a great eye for color. A definite recommendation for anyone looking for a girlie little gift or even a fun little something for yourself :)

Cookin' Cutie & Co.
Cookin Cutie has adorable cooking aprons but what REALLY caught my eye were her GENUS dog collar bandana wraps. I love for my dogs to wear the cute bandanas that they get after coming home from the groomers but a) they never stay on and b) I'm always afriad that it might be choking them. She came up with a great idea that slips right over the dogs collar so that they don't even know that it's on. If you do cooking and are looking for a cute apron check her out, but also, if you have a dog check her out as well!

Whodini Handmade
I LOVED Whodini Handmade. My friend Josh came with me to the fair (what a trooper) and the Whodini Handmade wallets just jumped out at us. They were so unique and fun. Josh had to buy one. Funny thing is, there was a raffle and I WON another one! Since Josh had already bought one I actually decided to donate it to the next group Give Global.

Give Global
Give Global is a non-profit organization allowing people to buy recycled clothes and accessories in order to give directly to a refuge center for children in Musekee, a small village in Northern Thailand. They have some really cute stuff and it's a really great cause. I recommend checking them out and adding them on facebook and/or following them on twitter as well.

Crochet Creations By Chelsey
Also at the fair was a friend from high school Chelsey who has her own crochet business Crochet Creations By Chelsey. She has some adorable headbands and hairwraps for any girl in your life from infant to adult! Her stuff is really cute and a great summer accessory!

Heather Kent
And last but certainly not least, again, Miss Heather Kent. She put on the wonderful event and was herself a vendor. Not only does she do amazing artwork, including outstanding pet portraits, she also does hand-painted jewelry art. I caved and HAD to buy a piece. Her meticulous work is astounding. It's the perfect unique gift for any unique lady in your life.

Needless to say, I had a great time at the fair. I'm sad that I wasn't able to be a part of it. But, I am definitely looking forward to a next time, when I can showcase all of the hard work that I've been doing tucked away in my parents garage or as I have been calling it recently "the office". Haha.

One of the major reasons that I chose to forgo the fair was because I felt that my product had a lack of a professional look due to the fact that I didn't have my own label created yet AND my business cards had YET to arrive. Without those two things I just didn't feel comfortable presenting my line to the world.

However, I recently had a friend buy a couple pieces for a baby shower that he was attending and I made due with what I had. I put together some labels and tags and packaged them up as you can see below:

Makeshift tag on the winking owl

Makeshift tag on duckie

All packaged up and ready to go

I have since been researching label companies and I am getting REALLY excited about it. Having my own professional label to put on my products is really going to make it all feel so much more official and really add that finishing touch. Also, I have since received my business cards from Vista Print and I am really happy with them.

So... like I said, things are still moving along, not as quickly as they were at the start, but they are definitely still moving.

My friend Corey has a niece who is turning one this weekend. Most of my products only go up to size 12 months so I made a special order for her. Instead of my standard bodysuit I instead used Gerber baby tee's in 18 months for her order. She says that the baby's mom is really into duckies but is kind of a rocker chick and is into animal prints. So, I mixed the two and here is what I came up with:

Leopard duckie baby tee

Giraffe duckie baby tee

Also, since my last post I expanded my color selection! I now have a wide variety of color to work with! SO exciting!

All of my onesie colors :)

These come in sizes 0-3mo, 3-6mo, 6-9mo and 9-12mo

And I also have these long sleeved patterned bodysuits

These only come in sizes 0-3mo, 3-6mo and 6-9mo

Also, I recently bought some fabric dye and am going to be dying the other four white baby tee's that I bought. I'm anxious to see how they will turn out. One of them is going to be for my friend Pilar whose husband is being deployed at the end of the month and we're going to put her son in a cute navy outfit to see his daddy off. Pictures to come!

So, even though I havn't posted in awhile, I've been keeping busy. Don't forget to check back often to stay caught up! Also, I will be having a giveaway soon on Danica's blog and possibly mine as well in the very near future, even more reason to stay tuned! :)

Take Care! :)


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