Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pack, Pack, Pack it up!

Things have bene going really well and I've been getting such great feedback from everyone! It's so nice to hear everyones comments. Not to mention everyone has been telling their friends which is such a blessing! Now that I have pretty much finalized my logo I have been working on my packaging. I wanted to have something simple that really showcases the product. I decided to stick with a clear bat and some simple twine. For convenience I used little price dots to mark the size of the garment enclosed.

Here are a couple of examples:

Peace on Stripes Packaged

Winking Owl Packaged

Duckie Packaged

Diamond Ring Packaged

And of course, true to form I made a couple of new pieces :)

Monogram Prince(ss)


California Baby

California Baby (back)

And I even made a headband! :)

Button Headband

It goes great with this piece:

Thanks for visiting! :)


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