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How to Keep Your Craft Station Organized

Christmas is officially THREE days away! I am surprisingly stress free because my husband and I got pretty much everything done nice and early this year (thank you Amazon Prime!). Since I'm hoping to be getting some new goodies for my craft room for Christmas I have started to attempt to clean, organize and purge in preparation. Today I'm bringing you some tips and trick for how to keep your craft station organized!

How to keep your craft station organized 

If you are a crafty person and you like everything from embroidering and sewing to DIY decorating projects done from scratch, you are probably spending quite a lot of time on your craft station. This holy place for you must be quite crowded and cluttered. If you are feeling like making some change and take things under control, there are a few things which can help you to keep your craft station well-organized.
A Beautiful Mess

Start with cleaning
The first and most important part of the organization is throwing away all the things which you don’t need. Pull everything out and take a good look around. I am sure that there are some materials which you will never use but you will need to clean and some of your supplies must be quite old and probably unusable. If you have a certain style of work and you use only certain materials, you might want to throw away all the fabrics you have kept just because. 
Get rid of all the dried-up paints and markers which may need to be cleaned later and slow you down.
The Crafted Life
Make a plan
If you like to experiment in different styles and craft, you can make a plan to separate the material depending on their purpose. Put all the papers, washi tapes, ribbons and stickers to one side of the station and store all the fabrics, pins and sewing threads to the other. This way you can always easily find the items you need, according to the project you are working on.
Best Friends For Frosting
Use everyday objects for storage
As a true crafty person, you can make a storage place out of things you can easily find around your home. Jars are very helpful to store pens, brushes, scissors. Bigger plastic boxes can store other items you need to put away. Putting stickers or labels on the boxes can make the access to your crafting instruments much easier. If you don’t mind working on another DIY project which can help you with the organization of your craft station, you can cut a PVC pipe into a few smaller couplings and glue them together. You can store your paints there and if you put them with the bottoms up, you can easily see what colour of paint you are grabbing every time.
A Beautiful Mess
Assign a place for every object
One of the best way to make sure that your craft station is always well-organized is to keep everything at a certain place. Adopt the habit of assigning a specific place for the items you use in your projects. This can assure that you will never loose your crafting instruments and you will be able to access them easily.
The Crafted Sparrow
Organize by color 
If you want to be able to find everything you need easily and make your crafting space look fun and colourful, you can organize your tools by colours. This method is both practical and fun at the same time. Forget about the struggle to find that particular ribbon or washi tape that you want to use for your new project. This colour-coordinated method can solve your problems. Even if you keep your items in drawers or boxes, you can put colourful stickers to be aware of the colours of the tools inside them.
Polished Habitat
The organizing of your craft station might take some time and effort but if you use these tricks, you can make the process much easier and enjoyable. Once your station is well-organized, you will be able to enjoy a clean and cozy place for work. If you keep the order in your crafting space, you will always be able to concentrate on your projects and forget worrying about the mess around you.

This was a guest post from Nicole. Nicole currently resides in London with her family. She is a co-owner of a small cleaning company and enjoys reading and writing.

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