Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shea's Palm Springs Fling

A few weeks ago I turned the big 3-0. I imagined it was going to be similar to waking up the day after your wedding, you're happy but also devastated because the highlight of your life is now behind you. Weirdly enough, it wasn't. I was strangely ok with it. In fact, I had been saying I was 30 for months before. Also months before is when I began planning for possibly my most epic birthday party yet. When I say months before, I don't mean two or three... we're talking NINE MONTHS. My husband turned 30 in April of last year and I planned a day of golf for him and his friends and they had a blast. So it was then that I started planning my own 30th too!

Palm Springs has become near and dear to my heart. My brother and I spent our childhood going out to Palm Springs to visit our grandparents. Then my family built a house on a man-made lake out there and then, as you may already know, Sam and I got married out there! I knew that's where I wanted to spent my 30th. I rounded up a group of my favorite girls, rented a house via airbnb and crafted my little heart out.

The theme was all things pineapple, flamingo, cactus and palm tree. You pretty much couldn't look anywhere without spotting one of them.
As always, I enlisted the help of my friend Erin to create some awesome invites and, true to form, she did NOT disappoint... I mean... LOOK AT THEM! (The Cactus address tag was an afterthought that I, of course, created using my Cricut. )
Here is a better look at them, front and back.... Adorable right?
Danica and I got out to the house earlier than the other girls so we were able to set up. I had goodie bags waiting for everyone. I wanted the weekend to be just as much about my friends as myself!
Personalized tote bags (more on those in a later post), pineapple cups and flamingo straws!
Palm Springs tote bags adorned with a gold glitter pineapple wearing pink heart shaped sunglasses. Using the invitations as my muse, I designed these tote bags and sent the design over to my friend Frankie from Go 2 Print Ink and they came out even more perfect than I could have imagined!
A few of the treats inside of the totes... Custom tumblers (that I made using my Cricut of course), custom name straws (most of my friends, much like myself, have very unique names, so getting something with our names on it is rare so they were all ecstatic), and of course pink heart shaped glasses!
The airbnb was adorable but I of course had to decorate it. 
Gold mylar is always a must. 
And it's not a Shea party without a photo backdrop (and how cute are those inflatable cacti?!)
Love these girls!
We spent the evening sipping on champagne, girl talking and playing an unhealthy amount of  Heads Up (wild, I know). 
Saturday we had a pool party and my mom even stopped by!
After some fun in the sun we headed to All Tressed Up for a day of pampering (thanks to my husband who footed the bill).
Everyone looked amazing and we headed to a yummy dinner at Las Casuelas (the same place Sam and I had our rehearsal dinner!)
Roman at Over the Rainbow Cupcakes (who also did our wedding cake) created the most INCREDIBLE birthday cake for me, I mean... just look at it!
Getting a good group photo is much harder than you would think.
How gorgeous are my friends?
Standard bestie pic. 
Yes, I made custom temporary tattoos for everyone. 
We headed to drinks at the Riviera after dinner. 
And after drinks... yes... more Heads Up. Haha. 
On our way out we stopped at the Cabazon Dinosaurs, which I had surprisingly never done, followed by a nice girls afternoon shopping at the outlets. 

It was a wonderful weekend spent with wonderful people that when far too quickly. 
This is 30.

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Wenni Donna said...

Everything looks great!! I am sure you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing these photos here. I also visited NYC last month to attend my friend’s bachelorette party. This party was organized at one of the best event venues in NYC. We had such a great time over there.

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