Friday, October 3, 2014

Showered with Love

This past weekend my future Mother in Law threw me my first (of two) bridal showers. She grew up with all brothers and has two boys of her own so she tends to feel she is challenged when it comes to all things girly. This shower, however, proved otherwise! This was the first time that I had the pleasure of meeting much of Sam's extended family and his mothers friends. My mom and I can't stop talking about how blessed we are to be receiving so many wonder women into our lives!

My future Mother in Law knows me well, the food was burgers and hot dogs (pretty much my favorite foods) and there were NO GAMES! I know that games are traditionally played at all showers but I hate them. It's so forced and no one really likes it. It's like on the first day of school going around the room and everyone saying their name and something "interesting" about themselves. No one really wants to do or cares what anyone else is saying, but since everyone else is doing it, they go along with it. It was funny, after she mentioned there would be no games there was a resounding "Oh thank god, I hate shower games". But of course, there was one in the crowd that said "What? I love shower games!". There's one in every group.

We had such a wonderful time and Sam and I received some wonderful and generous gifts. We all got up and learned the cupid shuffle and the electric slide. My Mother in Law to-be is so much fun and this shower really proved to be as well. A small group of us stayed chatting and sipping champagne until long after dark. It really was the perfect day and I couldn't have asked for anything more.
Danica & I
Stefana & I
My two leading ladies: My Mother & Grandmother
 Mom & Mom-to-Be
 My boo showed up with flowers. 

Some of the Bridal Party

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