Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vendors Vendors Vendors! (Part Four: Officiant)

Something very important to me is that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed at our wedding. Yes it is a very special day but it's also a day of celebration of who we are as individuals and of who we are as a couple.

If you didn't already know my best friend and Maid of Honor Danica was on a show called "My Fair Wedding" where she had literally a month to prepare for her nuptials, and most of the big details she wouldn't know until the day OF her wedding! While the show did take care of most of the planning, preparation and vendors, a few things were still left to the bride and groom, like the officiant. After a somewhat stressful debacle, Danica and her groom-to-be were left officiant-less. They took to the internet and found Terry Berrett of NW Vows. Without ever even meeting the couple face to face (until the "I do's"!) Terry agreed to officiate for the couple and it went off without a hitch! Not only did Terry do a wonderful job, he made it seem like he had known the couple for ages! His easy going nature and his kind tone made for a truly special ceremony.

When I began to think about officiants, Terry was the first that came to mind. After doing a little research I saw that he seemed to only really do weddings in the Pacific Northwest now. I figured it was a long shot but it was worth a try, so I e-mailed him. He got right back to me and, to my surprise, gladly accepted my request for him to officiate our wedding! I am so genuinely excited to have Terry be a part of our special day and our lives forever!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Vendors Vendors Vendors! (Part Three: Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Musician)

After choosing my venue and my photographer I began the hunt for a ceremony/cocktail hour musician. 

Sam and I are music lovers and especially enjoying seeing live music. I knew from the start that I wanted an acoustic guitarist. We're not a string quartet kind of couple. My search led me to a site I had never heard of, Gig Salad. It was there that I stumbled upon Trent Hancock. On his Gig Salad account he lists his influences and inspirations as "Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley, Beatles, Ben Harper, Ray Lamontagne, Train, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Sublime, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, John Mayer". Oh, you mean most of our favorites? DONE. Seeing the list of songs that he knows sealed the deal. Sam is a huge Beatles fan and his Beatles repertoire is incredible. He was also more than willing to learn any songs that I might like to hear that he doesn't already know. I can't even emphasize just how extensive his song list is and he mentioned to me that there are a lot not even listed! I can't wait for Trent to be a part of our big day!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Vendors Vendors Vendors! (Part Two: Photographer)

After choosing my venue (well, actually, to be honest, probably even before that) I found my photographer.

When I began the wedding venue hunt, and more specifically when I moved the location hunt to Palm Springs I came across the wedding of Natalie (of Mint Love Social Club) whose Palm Springs Wedding I was obsessed with from the start. Not only was she one of the driving forces behind me even being open to the idea of an estate wedding, it was also her photos that lead me to the wonderful Roger of EPlove.

I decided early on that the photographer was going to be one of, if not THE most important part of the wedding. At the end of the day when the guests have left and the cake has been eaten, it's the photos that you have forever. Not only do I love all of Rogers photos, I also love his mellow and relaxed vibe and I knew that Sam would do.

In April we took a trip to Idyllwild (where Roger and his gorgeous family live) for a relaxing weekend and engagement shoot. From the moment we met, we were at ease. Our photos turned out amazing because we weren't posing. We were just being us.

(Fun Fact: the blanket we used was a family heirloom)
Roger captured real smiles, real laughs, and, most importantly, real love.

We ended our shoot over pizza, good conversation and goodbye hugs. I'm so excited to have Roger as a part of our special day and {through his photos} our lives forever. 

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