Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

So much of my wedding planning is finally starting to come together. I've been getting all the big stuff nailed down so that I can start on the FUN stuff!

So far we have:
-Ceremony/Cocktail Hour musician
-Wedding Coordinator
- Photographer
-Caterer (sort of, still figuring out menu and cost)
-Bridesmaid Dresses
and best of all... MY DRESS!

I still have a few things to be done, like:
-Groomsmen attire
-And a bunch of little stuff

But now I feel like I can really get into the fun stuff! I plan on making my own save-the-dates, my own invites, basically all my own paper goods.

I recently splurged and bought myself a new Cricut Explore and I ADORE it! I really bought it to help with all the paper goods but, turns out, it can do SO much more!

As you may have read here I put together a bridesmaid box for all of my girls to ask them to be a part of my big day. In the box, each of them got these adorable Bridesmaid totes from Alphabet Bags.
Ever since I bought them I had been eyeing this bag for myself. 
But, with a wedding coming up, I really can't just be buying random stuff for myself (the Cricut doesn't count, it was an INVESTMENT! Haha). So anyways, after doing some research on my new toy, I thought, I'd give tote bag making a shot and what do you know... IT WORKED! (And I actually think I might like my bag better!) It cost me a fraction of what it would have to buy the other bag. Truth be told, the quality of the bag itself is lacking (I mean, I bought the tote for 2.99, what do you expect). But I'm so glad to see that it's totally  doable and easy at that!
I should be getting my engagement photos by the end of this week which means I'll be able to get started on my save the dates and get them out the door! Another project I'm really excited about and can't wait to share!

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