Thursday, August 22, 2013

Merry ChrismAugust!!

I have party planning in my blood. I swear. I get it from my grandma. She always loved hosting parties and loved getting everything just right, down to the very last detail. That couldn't be more me. I'll use any excuse to throw a party, so much so that last weekend I INVENTED a reason to! Haha. 

It's always so hard to throw a successful holiday party, regardless of what holiday it may be, simply because there are generally so many other parties being had. Like take Christmas, Fourth of July, or Halloween for example. There are only so many weekends in every month and so the possible party dates fill up fast. So, that's where my idea of "ChristmAugust" was born. "Christmas in July" parties have become increasingly more popular, however, I had a very busy July and thus "ChristmAugust" came to fruition (Plus, I even like the name better).

The first thing that I knew was that I HAD to have a photo backdrop. It's just what I do as you can see here...
Danica's 21st Birthday Party
And here:
Danica's Bachelorette Party
Lucky for me the red and white striped tablecloth that I used for Danica'a "Boats N Hoes" themed Bachelorette party was perfect for a Christmas themed party also! I made a "Merry ChristmAugust" banner, got the ole artificial tree out of the garage and viola! The perfect ChristmAugust photo backdrop!
Several months back I downloaded "Pocketbooth", a photobooth app on my iPad but never really got the chance to use it. This party was the perfect setting! It's great because it takes the photostrip (3 or 4 photos, whichever you decide) and once you're done it give you the option to post it to your facebook, your twitter, or to e-mail it. I don't think there is a person alive that doesn't like photobooths and if there is, I feel really sad for that person. It takes the photos with the front facing camera so that you get the chance to see yourself, however, I think the front facing camera (like the one on the iPhone as well) isn't the greatest quality and makes the photos look a little grainy. Nonetheless, the photobooth was a hit as you can see. 
(most of the photobooth props bought at Alin Party Supply
I had two "signature cocktails" for the event. I wanted a red drink and a green drink, obviously to keep with the Christmas theme. The two drinks were:

"Rudolph’s Shiny Red Cocktail" 
(which I found (and adapted from) here)
·     2 oz Vodka
·     1/2 cup Cranberry Juice
·     1/2 cup Sparkling White Grape Juice
·     “Cranberries” for garnish.

and my own invention, the
 "Pine Tree Punch"
·     1 oz Vodka
·     1 oz Midori melon liqueur
·     Fill with chilled Sprite
·     “Cranberries” for garnish. 

Obviously cranberries aren't in season so I made due with champagne grapes which are a smaller version of grapes and actually look kiiiiiind of like cranberries. Close enough.

Of course, I forgot to take some good "before photos" so I snapped a few the day after the party to get the gist of the decor.
I adore making my front table festive because it's the first thing people see when they walk in. 
Stockings are from a tutorial I posted here
Pretty much everything in my house is from one of four places: Target, Home Goods, Marshalls or Ikea in case you were wondering.

We had a fun white elephant gift exchange and I gave out an award for the person who dressed the most festive. I think that everyone had a great time and I can't wait until the 2nd annual ChristmAugust party!

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