Friday, February 22, 2013

February Birchbox!

Well, it goes without saying that I haven't made time to blog recently. Lately I've been so busy this is always the first thing to get neglected but, nonetheless, here I am! (and with a Birchbox video no less!)

So, last month, when I did this video with my friend and roommate Stefana I had mentioned how my excitement for Birchbox had been dwindling pretty much more and more each box. This box marked the 8 month mark and, while I've enjoyed receiving the boxes, I think that the excitement might have run its course and it might be time to try something new.

This month because of the big storm "Nemo" on the east coast my Birchbox was snowed in. Generally boxes are sent out by the 10th. I received an e-mail on the 9th saying that my box was snowed in. Then on the 13th I got an e-mail saying that it had shipped BUT because of the holidays and everything I didn't get my box until the 19th, not to mention, my roommate Stefana STILL hasn't received hers. As I mention in the video, I just kind of see all of this as signs that its probably time to move on. I just know that when I cancel my subscription the next box is going to be like the BEST one, because that's the kind of luck I have. So, we'll see what I end up doing but for now, enjoy my latest installment of Birchbox videos with my spaz of a friend Danica.

(If you'd like to see any of my previous videos be sure to check out my YouTube Channel)

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