Friday, January 18, 2013

Twenty-Seventh Heaven

So, this past weekend I turned the dreaded 27. Does that make me late twenties? Or is that still mid-twenties? Ugh... either way it's OLD. Haha. 

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I'm a planner. I plan everything. I'm that annoying person who plans every minutes of a vacation. My 21st birthday, in Vegas, for example, I made and printed out an itinerary for everyone there. Yes, I'm THAT kind of person. It drives some people crazy but some peoples disorganization drives ME crazy so we can call it even. 

ANYWAYS... the reason I got ON this tangent is, that I had originally planned a girls weekend up in San Fran for my birthday but, last minute the plans fell through. 
Not gunna lie, I was pretty devastated and, to me, doing nothing isn't an option. So, I decided to invite a handful of girls to my family's house in the desert for a last minute girls weekend there and surprisingly, most girls were able to come!

I was so excited for the weekend and I took Friday off work to get things done around the house, pack, and buy myself some birthday goodies at my fav spot, Forever 21. I spent more than I should have but I mean, it was for my birthday!
And of course, a party isn't a party without an excessive amount of jello shots. Pretty sure I made over 150. What some might call excessive, I call being prepared. Haha.

 So, a few days before my birthday I saw this photo on instagram:
I thought it was hilarious and I re-posted it and said "I'm really hoping not to get something like this on Sunday."

My friends Allison, Danielle and Jacky showed up to the house on Saturday with this cake:
 I was DYING. I couldn't believe they got it! It was hilarious. 
The funny thing is, we didn't even notice it said "drink problem" until like the next day. Haha. 

We spent a good chunk of the weekend either watching, quoting or singing songs from this movie:
And toasting jello shots of course (and yes, I'm aware jello shots are "SO 22" but I love them, and, after all, it was MY birthday).
After a long, fun, relaxing Saturday we all got dressed up and headed to the casino where they have this really great cocktail lounge. Like most girls, I love any excuse to get dressed up (and take photos). 
 Danica and I have been friends for more years than I'd like to admit and I must say, this is one of the best photos the two of us have ever taken... ever.
We had so much fun at the "Twelfth Floor Lounge"... as you can see...

And as the clock struck 12 all the girls decided to embarrass me to death and sing happy birthday.  
(sorry it's so dark and small, it's from my phone)

no idea what I'm looking at here
Once I got home from my wonderful weekend getaway I got ready for a birthday dinner at Asada in Laguna Beach. It was sooo good, and a great way to end my birthday weekend. With all the people I love the most. Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so special. I love you all.  

Cheers to 27!


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