Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap!

This weekend was quite an eventful one! I feel like I really made the most of it!

Friday night was actually really mellow and I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with one of my very best friends, Haley. She moved to Madison Wisconsin a year or two ago now and between her busy schedule and mine AND the time difference, if we want to do any catching up we have to plan phone dates. Whenever we DO have a chance to have them they last a ridiculous amount of time (as you can see).
Haley got engaged to her wonderful long time boyfriend Brian in August and is in the middle of planning a summer wedding while he's in San Francisco and she's all the way across the country in Madison. I have the privilege of being a part of their special day and I couldn't be more excited. Our conversations are usually a collection of thoughts from wedding plans, favorite TV shows and of course, a little bit of gossip. ;) I always enjoy our conversations and can't wait for her to get married and move back to CA already!

Saturday I got up bright and early for a surprise date with my beau. I picked him up and we spent the day at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. There was a new penguin exhibit that I was SO excited to see (Danica and I spend our days at work watching various "penguin cams" haha.) and they were just SO cute and friendly. This one was putting on a show for us by the glass. It was adorable.
After the aquarium we walked over to one of my favorite spots, Yardhouse at Shoreline Village for a nice lunch on the patio. It was such a gorgeous day, the perfect day for a lunch in the marina.
Sunday we did our usual mimosa breakfast at my house that we have sort of made a new tradition. Once we finished up we headed over to Marine Stadium to the Patchwork Indie Art and Craft Festival where we strolled around and took this photo at their photo booth.
After leaving the craft fair I was in a bit of a crafty mood and my room has been do drab lately so I decided to spice it up a little with a simple little project.
 I had been planning on doing a project like this for awhile so I had bought the embroidery hoops awhile back (they are pretty inexpensive, like less than $2 a piece). I put some fabric that I already had in a them and hung a couple of prints that I already had. It turned out even better than I had expected! The primary colors in my room are grey and teal (A color scheme that has followed me from my old room in my Belmont Shore apartment). I've always loved they way the two of them look with a hint of yellow. So, I went into my craft cave on the hunt for those three colors which, if you've ever seen my craft cave (aka my garage filled with my craft supplies) you know that finding these really wasn't that hard. 
The teal patterned fabric was leftover from when I made curtains in the kitchen (from Joanns). The grey and white lace patterned fabric (which I LOVE) was from one of my fabric hauls from my fav spot M & L's Fabric Discount Store.

The yellow "Local Love" poster was free from a "Unique LA" show that I went to. The "you are what you craft" print was one that I bought at another Patchwork Indie Art & Craft festival by Sweet Perversion. I love it and definitely recommend you go check out some of their other stuff.
The grey and white polka dot fabric was also from the M & L haul. The solid teal was a Joanns purchase.
The standard yellow (which I know looks a little orange in this photo) was actually from my tear-jerking birthday gift from my friend Stefana that I know I referenced somewhere and can't seem to find the post.

All in all it was quite a weekend! I had a lot of fun AND spiced up my room. Overall I'd say it was a pretty successful weekend!



Stefana said...

So glad you have a great weekend!! I must go check out this penguin exhibit! What a cute picture you got! Your room looks great!!

Nina said...

GAH how cute is the crafty little gallery wall you made! I love all of it!! xo

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