Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekend of Presents!

What a weekend it was!

It started off kind of sour when I had to report to jury duty at 7:45am on Friday morning. I was there for the better part of the day. I came prepared with magazines and my iPad and the people watching alone was quite entertaining.

(The view of Long Beach from the balcony of the courthouse) 

Once I was finally finished I went over to the beau's house for a little before he had to get to work. Like a nerd I spent Friday night watching "Bride Day" on TLC while cleaning my room and organizing my closet. Haha. I'm definitley getting old.

Saturday was errand day.
I decided to give the infamous sock bun a try... I'd say I'm getting better at it....

(Here is a tutorial if you are interested)

And then the present-fest began. I started by finally getting my beautiful birthday present from my mom sized.

We went to the bank. We spent some time lovin' on my pups

And then, for the best part of the day, I got my birthday present installed! For my birthday the beau got me an iPod hook up for my car (which I have wanted FOREVER but have just been too lazy to ever really DO it). We went for the appointment at Best Buy and shopped around in Barnes and Noble while we waited. Once it was installed it was life changing. Not only do I never have to worry about having CD's in my car anymore, it also CHARGES the iPod or iPhone that is connected. Needless to say, it is my new obsession.

My friend Maryam shared this wonderful photo with me of her and I and some of the other wonderful girls that comprise my college friends. So many great memories with these girls. The photo made me smile.
Sunday was another wonderful day, the beau and I spent the first half of the day at Disneyland (we have passes so we try to go as much as possible). The minnie ears that I have been yearning for were back in stock. I wanted to get them when we went for my birthday but when we went they were sold out, PARKWIDE! Just my luck. When I told the girl at the register how excited I was to finally get them she told me that they had just gotten them back in THAT MORNING! He bought them for me as a late birthday present. I was so happy! I kept asking "are you embarassed that I'm wearing these?", his response of course was "No" buuuuut I could tell he kinda was. haha.

From Disneyland we headed towards Pomona for yet ANOTHER one of my presents. For Christmas Sam got me tickets to see my favorite band Dashboard Confessional. I go to a Dashboard show once a year since, I can't even remember when and when tickets went on sale this year for his tour they had NO California dates. I was so bummed. They later released some CA dates and my boyfriend bought me tickets for Christmas. We grabbed some yummy Italian food before the show.
Then it was time to see mister Chris Carrabba do what he does best.

It was the most perfect weekend. I am such a lucky girl.


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