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Her Fair Wedding :)

This post should have been done AGES ago. I went to blog about the AWESOME event I went to Tuesday for the season premier of "My Fair Wedding" but I realized, I needed to first, tell the backstory about HOW I got there before I could tell about the event itself so, here goes...

For those of you who don't know, way back in February (the day after her engagement) I nominated my best friend and (at the time) roommate Danica for the show "My Fair Wedding". Generally speaking, the bride herself applies for the show. Danica and I watched the show religiously and I knew that she probably wouldn't apply herself so, unbenounced to her, I sent this e-mail (with a few things changed for privacy purposes).

Hi My Fair Wedding!

I'm not actually the bride myself but my best friend and roommate is the most deserving person and deserves the ultimate wedding that I KNOW David Tutera could give her. She actually got engaged last night, so I'm jumping the gun a little but we watch "My Fair Wedding" religiously and as soon as that ring was on her finger I knew that I had to contact you guys.

Here is a little bit about my nominee:

• NAME: Danica

• BRIEF BIO: Danica and I have been friends for over ten years. I love her like a sister and couldn't imagine my life without her. She is one of the most genuine and kind people that I have ever had the honor of knowing.

Several years ago she lost her mom to a long and painful battle with breast cancer. It was extraordinarily hard on her because her and her mother were very close. Things went from bad to worse when Danica's father immediately began dating and remarried. Danica and her father now have an estranged relationship and the close family that she once had no longer exists.

Luckily, she has a great family unit outside of her immediate family with her grandparents, her aunt, uncle and cousins. My family has also stepped up and treated Danica no different than they would treat me. However, without the financial support of parents, I know that Danica won't be able to afford the wedding that she truly deserves.

Danica and Bryan met last year on her birthday and I couldn't have chosen a better guy for her. He's a firefighter and a genuinely sweet, kind, and caring person. I'm so excited for them to start their lives together. All they need is their dream wedding.

I hope that you can help me give the ultimate David Tutera wedding to my very best friend because I can't think of a more deserving person.

Thank you,

And what do you know, SHE WAS CHOSEN! She had planned on spending a year engaged and getting married February of 2012. The show, however, asked how she felt about a July 2011 wedding. That's quite a difference. After a lot of talking and consideration, Danica and her fiancé decided to go for it!

The process itself was incredible. It all happened in the course of only THREE WEEKS. One day a week for three weeks were filming days, then, on the third week, that Saturday was the WEDDING! I still can't believe it has already come and gone. The experience was so incredible.

The first day of filming consisted of:
-Meeting the bride and groom, getting to know them a little better.
-The Couple meeting David! (which really IS genuine. He makes sure that you don't interact until the ACTUAL first meeting)
-The bride showing David her "swag" table and introducing her theme to him, which was a "country picnic" theme. Surprisingly, David actually liked the theme! We knew that he would turn her theme into something beyond incredible.
-Showing David the Bridesmaids dresses which, again, he surprisingly LOVED. (Generally this is also when David sees the Bride's gown but, Danica didn't have one.)

The second day of filming consisted of:
-Wedding dress shopping, where we all surprised her at a bridal shop
-Another surprise of a Bridal Shower at Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills!

The third and finally day of filming (before the wedding) consisted of:
-A fun outing for Danica and her fiancé
-Danica and David trying some pies (Danica's cake alternative)

And then, a couple days later, WEDDING TIME!

The location was kept a secret until the VERY last minute. Danica's guests knew where the venue was before she did! We arrived at a gorgeous little white church which was actually the church that they filmed "7th Heaven" in! We were beyond pampered, getting our hair and make-up done. The ceremony was perfect. The reception was on a Western Themed Universal Studios back lot. It was the PERFECT place for the PERFECT wedding that Danica was given. We were all asked to not share any photos until the show airs sometime this season, so I'm respecting that. But, once we're allowed to, you better believe I will be putting some up. Haha ;) I'm actually not sure exactly how much I'm allowed to say even in this blog but, they're already showing previews for the season (including Danica's wedding) so, I guess most of it isn't too much of a surprise. Here's the commercial if you haven't already seen it.

The whole thing was such an incredible experience. I'm so glad that Danica was chosen, she really did deserve it. I can't wait for the episode to air although, of course, I'm a little nervous for dumb things I may have said or done. Haha. I guess only time will tell.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Shea! I just saw Danica's episode and I immediately googled her after the show because I wanted to tell her how inspiring and heartwarming her story and wedding are. I stumbled upon your blog so maybe you can share this with her. Your love for your best friend radiated through the screen and is just so wonderful. When Danica came out of the dressing room in her wedding dress my heart stopped and my eyes filled with tears at how gorgeous she looked and the love for her that was on all of ya'll's faces. I'm so glad she has such a strong group of women to support her. Additionally I thought it was so refreshing to see a sensible girl wanting down to earth things like pie and a picnic instead of all the shenanigans most brides demand.
So-- I hope your bestfriendship is still strong and that you both achieve all that you dream of.
Blessings from a Texas Gal,

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