Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting the Ball Rolling!

So, I got little to no sleep last night but it was SO worth it. I stayed up most of the night re-vamping my blog and I'm in LOVE with it!

I finally took the time to create something that really is a reflection of myself. I can't wait to really lose myself in the blogging process and make this a really awesome place to not only advertise and share my product, but also share about myself as well.

Unrelated to Not So Cli-Shéa, I have recently become OBSESSED with feather hair extensions. I went and got some put in a couple weeks ago at a salon and thought "I could definitely do this" and, true to form, shortly after, I did! I got feather happy and did some for my roommates Danica & Stefana. I got them both obsessed too! I'm going to post about how I did it in my next entry. It's so fun and easy, anyone could do it!


1 comment:

Chic Runner said...

Hooray for feathers! hooray for new blog layouts! Hooray for blogging!

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