Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm SO excited to announce that I will be having a booth at my friend Heather Kent's Craft Fair on Saturday November 6th. Check out the facebook event here.

It's still a little over a month away but I've been working away at getting all of my stuff ready for purchase and putting together a cute and eye catching table/booth. My roommate has been helping me with ideas and even going to craft fairs and flea markets with me. I'm so excited. This is going to be my first craft fair. Heather' asked me to do a craft fair awhile back but I just didn't feel my product to be 100% ready. I'm pretty type A and I either do things 100% or not at all. So, I decided to hold off and, lucky for me, Heather decided to have another craft fair and I'm honored to be asked to join again! :)

I've made several new items that I'm going to be sharing soon and I want to share some photos of my potential table set-up for the fair to possibly get some feedback.

Ideally I'd like to change my blog up a bit first and make it a little more functional but stay tuned, a lot of exciting things are in the works! :)


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Chic Runner said...

So excited for the Craft Fair and your awesome set up!!! that dang 130 degree day in LA was worth it for that pink suitcase!!

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