Friday, March 19, 2010

Run For Fun!

So, my best friend and roommate "ChicRunner" does something that I could never imagine doing in a million years and that is run for fun. I mean, don't get me wrong, I WISH that I could but, with my horrible side cramps and weird back problems, I prefer to just watch from the sidelines. I have been with her through much of her running endeavors and I have come to realize that "Running for Fun" is actually something that tons of people do, not just my crazy roommate ;)

When I decided to get into doing baby clothes we discussed how there is a lack of anything running related for the babies/kids of runners and thus, I give you, my running inspired onesies:

Flower Marathon

Grey Marathon

Grey Marathon (Back)

Purple Striped Half

Polka Dot Half

And then I made this one just for fun...

Peace on Stripes

Peace on Stripes (back) (the peace sign ended up a liiiiittle more exaggeratedly sideways than I anticipated. haha. )

I'm still having SO much fun doing all of this and can't wait to set up my etsy account and get things movin! :)
Also, a special thanks to my cousin Cheri for donating to the cause :)



Anonymous said...

Those are SO adorable I want to squeak! They *almost* make me wish I had a baby to put them on(oh yeah, and had run the marathon to earn them their cute getups).

Best of luck with the etsy shop--I can't wait to see more cool stuff like this.

Shea Crystal said...

Hahaha I know! I aaaaalmost want to have a baby to put in them buuuut... i think ill wait.

thanks for the well wishes, be sure to spread the word :)


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