Monday, March 29, 2010

nice tush ;)

so I made a couple of new pairs of bloomers that I'm excited about.
check them out :)

School Spirit (CSUF)


and I also made a couple of new onesies :)

peaceful heart

peaceful heart (back)

I love dad


lovebirds (back)

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naomi said...

hi there - by any chance, do you also make baby blankets?

Chic Runner said...

I love the CSUF one! that elephant is too cute! :) Great job shea!

Shea Crystal said...

I am SO sorry. I JUST saw your comment. I'm not currently making baby blankets but if you are interested I have made them in the past and can probably work something out for you. Let me know if you are still interested :)

and Chic Runner,
Thanks for all the support! You're the best!

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