Friday, February 26, 2010


So, I've been told that I need to start blogging more. I too, have been thinking that I would like to blog more... update my cyber footprint, if you will. However, true to form, I can't help but be a bit cynical about the whole thing. I feel that blogging is a bit egocentric, narcissistic even. To think that your words, your thoughts and feelings are important enough to be made available to strangers still strikes me as kind of odd.

When I used to blog in high school, using sites like Xanga and livejournal it was almost just because everyone else was doing it. It wasn't because I really had anything important to say, and that is how I feel now. I feel that if I'm going to blog I want it to be something worthwhile. I don't want to just ramble about my daily actives. So then that puts me at a crossroads. Do I a) stop blogging all together or b) start doing something that IS worthwhile?

I decided to go with the latter. Not just to create a better blog experience but to create a better me. When the new year rolled around and everyone decided to make resolutions about loosing weight and drinking less and sleeping more, I made a decision, not a resolution, that I was going to do what I could do benefit my fellow man. I have only made small steps in this venture so far. Giving when I wouldn't normally have given, having patience when I normally wouldn't have had patience, listening when I normally wouldn't have listened. A man at my work the other day summed it up very well. He slipped me a $20 tip on a bill that couldn't have been more than $30 and when I asked "are you sure?" he responded with "if you have it, share it". That is exactly the motto that I would like to emulate. I want to leave a footprint in the lives and hearts of as many people as I possibly can. Having this blog is not only a way to possibly help reach more lives but also act as a motivator for me to continue on this journey. I'm not sure what is in store for me but I am very excited and anxious to see where this life takes me and hopefully it IS somewhere worthwhile...


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